Winter Experiences

Stay involved with us this winter! General admission may be closed for the season, but we do not hibernate here. Our commitment to creating a connection between people and the natural world doesn’t stop for the winter season. Discover our private interactive animal experiences, educational activities, and event hosting opportunities.

Private Animal Experiences

It’s play time! Explore our highly-reviewed interactive private animal experiences. Whether it’s a family fun day activity, adventurous day date, special birthday gift, or just for fun — Tanganyika’s got you covered all winter long.
chewy the sloth is a favoriate at tanganyika

Sloth - Behind the Scenes

$150 per group - up o 4 people

Have an exclusive up-close and interactive Behind the Scenes Experience with worldwide sensation... Chewbacca the Sloth!

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lynx experience

Small Cat - Meet & Greet

$150 per group - up to 4 people

On this Wildly Different Experience you'll have the opportunity to meet two of our small cat ambassadors - Jade, an African serval and Hazel, an Eurasian lynx. Ages 8 and up Throw them toys, take photos, and help train them!

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Otter Experience

Otter - Meet & Greet

$150 per group - up to 4 people

Come meet our otters. You will be able to help us train, get your photos with, and watch the otters antics in this meet and greet.

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get up close with some awesome animal ambassadors

Red-Ruffed Lemur - Meet & Greet

$150 per group - up to 4 people

The most action packed meet and greet! Emerald is a young red ruffed lemur in the early stages of training and she needs your help to learn her manners! Since this experience is brand new it may or may not include the following activities: getting to touch her fur, feeding her, observing her and her trainers work together, posing for photos, or helping her learn new behaviors.

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meet an ambassador animal at wichita zoo

Ambassador Training Experience

See price at booking

This winter we're working with some of Tanganyika's NEWEST residents to get them ready to meet you in our 2021 season! Come help Dexter the owl monkey learn how to target, see if Mae the crowned crane can learn how to hold still for a picture, or if Winnie the red river hoglet is learning to walk on her harness! Meet different animals every time and watch them grow!

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penguin chick encounter

Penguin Chick Feeding

See price at booking

Get up close and personal with our penguin chicks and work alongside our keepers. Become a penguin expert for the day by feeding our newest, four, fluffy, penguin chicks.

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keeper spends time with quilliam the porcupine

Porcupine - Meet & Greet

$150 per group - up to 4 people

Come poke around and meet our African crested porcupine! During this experience, you’ll get a chance to take a photo with our prickly friend, touch his quills, and interact with his trainer. As a bonus, you’ll get to meet a hedgehog and learn all about their differences.

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keeper and a penguin at tanganyika

Penguin - Meet & Greet

$150 per group - up to 4 people

Get to know our resident flightless birds when you come have a Penguin Meet & Greet. You'll experience their wonderfully unique personalities and get to see them up and close! Our staff will teach you all abut the individuals you meet as well!

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Okapi were always Jim's dream animal

Okapi - Behind the Scenes

$150 per group - up to 4 people

Okapis are native to the dense forests of the Congo but you have the opportunity to meet them right here at Tanganyika. Let our keeper take you on a tour of our African/Asia barn, find out what these elusive forest creatures enjoy eating, what their fur feels like, and spend some quality time with our Okapi keepers.

Kids 2 and under are free unless they want to participate, and they must be held during the duration of the experience.

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Educational Activities

We have three fun learning opportunities to grow the minds and interests of those young animal lovers! Available weekly for all age groups, our educators have carefully designed each program to be convenient and accessible for you throughout the winter.
storytime in wichita ks

Cub Club

We’d love for you and your toddler to join us every Wednesday morning at 9:30 am to read a story, sing songs, and make a new animal friend.

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toddler activity hour at wichita zoo

Jungle Juniors

Every Monday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, you and your preschooler can read a fun story, meet an animal friend, and visit our activity centers.

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Jr. Zookeeper Day Camp

Join us when school isn't in session for a day full of interactive lessons, animal encounters, crafts, games, and fun!

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Parents Night Out

Christmas shopping rush got you feeling crazy? Head out to pick up those last minute gifts and leave your "little critter" with us for an evening of animal-themed fun! Children must be at least 5 years old to participate in Parent's Night Out programs.

Dates: December 19 | December 20 | December 23

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Virtual Programs

Checkout the 'Catch A Keeper' program and book a 15-20 virtual call with a keeper or educator

With our 45-minute 'Zoo to Zoom' programs, Tanganyika staff will present a fun, informative, and interactive lesson featuring two live animal visitors.

To learn more, please email

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Event Hosting Opportunities

Party with a penguin — or a variety of different animals. From birthday parties, to corporate events, to baby showers and everything in between, Tanganyika is here and ready to help you plan an unforgettable unique celebration this winter.