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Tanganyika Wildlife Park was named the most interactive wildlife park in the Midwest for a reason. Choose from over 15 experiences hand-crafted by Tanganyika keepers that deepen your connection to our rare and endangered species. Experience exotic animals like no one else in a boutique setting!

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Monthly Exclusives

Gypsie the goat & friends

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Meet Gypsie, our pygmy goat who is VERY well trained. Let her show off her skills, get training tips from our trainers, and meet some of her friends. You never know who she'll introduce you to. A camel? A zebra? A warthog? An alpaca? Come find out!

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Owl Monkey Meet and Greet

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Dexter is an owl monkey with big captivating eyes. These small forest monkeys are shy and often active at night. Come get the chance to meet Dexter up close and see if he will welcome you in to his troop. Get your picture next to Dexter, help us train, and watch his monkey antics.

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Animal Meet & Greets

Otter - Meet & Greet

Come meet our otters. You will be able to help us train, get your photos with, and watch the otters antics in this meet and greet.

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Penguin - Meet & Greet

Get to know our resident flightless birds when you come have a Penguin Meet & Greet. You'll experience their wonderfully unique personalities and get to see them up and close! Our staff will teach you all abut the individuals you meet as well!

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Small Cat - Meet & Greet

On this Wildly Different Experience you'll have the opportunity to meet two of our small cat ambassadors - Jade, an African serval and Hazel, an Eurasian lynx. Ages 8 and up Throw them toys, take photos, and help train them!

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Porcupine - Meet & Greet

ONLY $30 this month Come poke around and meet our African crested porcupine! During this experience, you’ll get a chance to take a photo with our prickly friend, touch his quills, and interact with his trainer. As a bonus, you’ll get to meet a hedgehog and learn all about their differences.

Kids 2 and under are free unless they want to participate, and they must be held during the duration of the experience

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Red-Ruffed Lemur - Meet & Greet

The most action packed meet and greet! Emerald is a young red ruffed lemur in the early stages of training and she needs your help to learn her manners! Since this experience is brand new it may or may not include the following activities: getting to touch her fur, feeding her, observing her and her trainers work together, posing for photos, or helping her learn new behaviors.

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Behind the Scenes

Giraffe and Friends

Let our keeper take you on a tour of our African/Asian barn, meet our giraffe herd and their friends! You never know who you might meet in the barn. A rhino? An okapi? Red river hog or a herd of bongos? Spend some quality time with our hoof stock keepers. Book Now!

Origins - Behind the Scenes

Experience an exclusive up-close and interactive Behind the Scenes Tour where it all started and see the lions and Oz the black jaguar. On this 1 hr tour, you will learn the captivating stories of how Tanganyika became one of the most successful breeding facilities in the world and one of the most visited attractions in the state. You will also have the chance to feed one of the big cats (subject to availability) and the lemurs.

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Sloth - Behind the Scenes

Have an exclusive up-close and interactive Behind the Scenes Experience with worldwide sensation... Chewbacca the Sloth!

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Swim with the Penguins

Swim with The Penguins

Paddle with our resident penguins! 2-3 of our feathered friends will join you while a keeper assists. You will get the opportunity to touch the penguins during your swim.

Children must be 7 years of age or older. Children under 9 years of age must have a paid adult swimmer.

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Animal Encounters

Feeding Stations

Ring-Tail Lemurs

By far our most popular exhibit, you will be able to hand feed ring-tail lemurs. If you are lucky, you will feel how soft their hands are.

Also, if you’ve visited in the last 5 years, the experience has changed. We are now able to sit on the rocks and you’ll get the opportunity to have the lemurs walk across your lap while you feed them their treat.

Indian Rhino

Stacks and Monica are slowly being trained at the feeding station. Sometimes they are more interested in seeing what the other one is doing (ah, young love). However, when one of them does come over you can toss some grain into their mouth (think ski-ball).

This experience is offered once a day on the weekends during Spring and Fall hours and twice every day during the summer.

You never know how long they will participate in training (anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes),so try to get that station early if you really want to participate.

Pygmy Hippo

Posie and her baby, Yeti, are two of the most adorable animals you'll meet! Get close to see their slippery skin and toss some snacks into their mouths.

This experience is offered once a day on the weekends during Spring and Fall hours and twice every day during the summer.

While Yeti is at the station with her mom, he doesn't take food from visitors yet. However, Yeti will steal food from his mom.


Experience these gentle giants at our giraffe feeding post. Feel what it's like to have them hover over you as their 14 inch tongue coats your fingers with slobber.


These colorful creatures will delight you as they drink nectar from a cup.

African Tortoises

The children's zoo features sulcata tortoises, bunnies and guinea pigs (certain times of year). Find out just how quick a tortoise can actually be!


These aren't just your every day bunnies... ok, they actually are. But their still fun to feed and pet.

Guniea Pigs

The children's zoo features sulcata tortoises, bunnies and guinea pigs (certain times of year). Hey batter, batter! Ok, that's not exactly what their chatter sounds like, but it's still really cool to hear!