Wildly Different Experiences

Tanganyika Wildlife Park was named the most interactive wildlife park in the Midwest for a reason. Choose from over 15 experiences hand-crafted by Tanganyika keepers that deepen your connection to our rare and endangered species. Experience exotic animals like no one else in a boutique setting!

Exclusive Experiences

Training experience

Training 101


Have you ever wondered how we teach a tiger to distinguish shapes? Or how we get a goat to paint? Or even how a mandrill manages to master opening his mouth so we can check out his teeth? The Training 101 tour is your chance to do just that! Spend some time with our expert trainers and learn how we use positive reinforcement to shape animal behavior. Even get in on the fun by becoming the trainer yourself and ask an animal for a target behavior!

*Ages 3 years and up

Porcupine meet and greet


Get ready to meet your new best friend, Quilliam the African crested porcupine! This little guy may look prickly and tough, but we promise he's a sweetheart! Come to his meet and greet and feel those quills for yourself! Plus you'll get to take photos with him, give Quilliam a high-five, and watch him show off his other behaviors!

*Ages 3 years and up

Baby Rhino Behind the scenes Experience


Meet MJ our new Indian rhino calf and mom Monica. In this 20-30 minutes experience, keepers will take you Behind the Scenes to get a peek at baby MJ and meet mom, Monica. You'll get a chance to feed mom, take photos of MJ and Monica, and interact with our keepers.

*Ages 3 years and up


Link the pygmy hippo kiss experience


It's your chance to touch a hippo, which we compare to petting a slimly avocado. During this experience you get to paint with link, assist in a training session, meet his keepers, and learn all about the third pygmy hippo ever born in Kansas.

*Ages 8 years and up

*This experience is limited so click on the chat box in the corner below to connect with our concierge.

Animal Meet & Greets

Meet a Monkey | Owl Monkey Experience

Owl Monkey Meet and Greet


Dexter is an owl monkey with big captivating eyes. These small forest monkeys are shy and often active at night. Come get the chance to meet Dexter up close and see if he will welcome you in to his troop. Get your picture next to Dexter, help us train, and watch his monkey antics.

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Meet an otter | Otter Experience

Otter - Meet & Greet


One of our most popular experiences. Come meet our otters! You will be able to help us train, get your photos with, and watch the otters' antics in this meet and greet. We guarantee you'll go home giggling about their garbage disposal noises and have a new found appreciation for keeping our waterways clean.

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Meet a Penguin | Penguin Experience

Penguin - Meet & Greet


Get to know our resident flightless birds when you come have a Penguin Meet & Greet. You'll experience their wonderfully unique personalities and get to see them up-close! Our staff will teach you all about the individuals you meet as well!

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Small Cat - Meet & Greet


On this Wildly Different Experience you'll have the opportunity to meet two of our small cat ambassadors! The cat-titude you'll experience during this exotic animal experience will leave you smiling. Help our keepers train with them, take photos, and learn all about their species.

*Ages 8 years and up.

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Meet a Lemur | Red-Ruffed Lemur Experience

Red-Ruffed Lemur - Meet & Greet


The most action-packed lemur encounter meet and greet! This experience is perfect for those looking to get some extra lemur time in your life. You'll have the opportunity to feed, tough, and train this beautiful primate and pose for a photo!

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Behind the Scenes

Meet a Giraffe | Giraffe and Friends Experience

Giraffe and Friends

$77 Let our keeper take you on a tour of our African/Asian barn, meet our giraffe herd and their friends! You never know who you might meet in the barn. A rhino? An okapi? A sounder of red river hogs or a herd of bongos? Every tour is a unique exotic animal adventure.

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Feed a Lion | Origins Tour Experience

Origins Tour


Experience an exclusive up-close and interactive Behind the Scenes Tour where it all started and see the lions and Amur leopards. On this 1-hour tour, you will immerse yourself in the captivating story of how Tanganyika became one of the most successful breeding facilities in the world and one of the most visited attractions in the state.

*Ages 8 years and up.

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Meet a Sloth | Pet a Sloth at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Sloth Experience


It's time to enjoy life in the slow lane! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Park and hang out with our two-toed sloths! During this sloth encounter experience, you'll get to see our resident sloths up close, pose for photos, touch, and even feed them!

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Swim with the Penguins

Swim with Penguins | Penguin Swim

Swim with The Penguins

$200 (not included in plus pass & Best Day Bundle)

If you've ever watched our penguins paddle around Troublemaker's Cove and thought "I wish that was me", this is your chance! Get in the water with a few of our feathered friends and our expert keeper will help you touch, pose for photos, and play with our penguins! The only place in the country where you can swim with penguins.

*Children must be 8 years of age or older

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Ultimate Weekend

Ultimate Weekend Experience at Midwest Zoo

Ultimate Weekend at TWP


You don't have to fly around the world and pay $5,000+ dollars to experience the most amazing animal encounters in the world. We put it all right here in one park in one of the friendliest and easiest midwestern cities. Want to experience EVERYTHING that TWP has to offer in one weekend? Click here! .

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