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Why Travel Across the World When You Can Encounter Animals from 4 Continents All in One Place??

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Alicia C.

“Between feeding the lions, the lemurs, the rhinos and so many more animals, petting some of them, having them in our laps brought so many smiles. My daughter was over the moon excited. I could go on and on how wonderful this place is!!”

Julie H.

“We did the ultimate weekend and oh boy was it ultimate for sure. From the moment we walked in, the staff were attentive and amazing…Thank you for giving us a weekend we will never forget!”

Jennifer B.

"We just got back from the Ultimate Weekend Experience package at TWP and can not stop talking about how amazing it was! Overall,  TWP is an amazing adventure that is full of education, once in a lifetime experiences and will leave you with life long memories!"

Trevor B.

“ The staff was friendly, knowledge, and clearly love and care for the animals. The experiences are one of kind (swimming with penguins, meet and greets with many different animals, there is nothing you won't see)! We especially loved our penguin swim and our origins tour. ”

Francisco R.

“I took my flight from Mexico to be able to do my Ultimate Weekend at the Tanganyika zoo and it has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. I had never been in a zoo where you could interact with the animals like I did in this one… This experience was incredible, highly recommended.” swim and our origins tour. ”