Tanganyika Falls Splash Park

Closed for the winter—looking forward to splashing with you May 2024!

When you purchase your tickets to Tanganyika Wildlife Park, you will receive access to the zoo AND splash park.

Spend your morning feeding giraffes and watching gibbons swing, and then cool  down at the refreshing splash park in the afternoon. 


We’ve got you covered: If you know Tanganyika you know we’re more than just a zoo and the addition of the splash park in 2020 was just one more way to help families relax, reconnect, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

However you enjoy the splash park we just want you to SLOW DOWN. Channel your inner sloth. And RELAX with family and friends at Tanganyika this summer. 


Enjoy exclusive access to Tanganyika Falls Splash Park for your tots under 6 years old! 

Daily from 9:30 – 10 am. 

kid friendly summer fun


Whether you find yourself planning a birthday party, a get-together with family and friends, or your corporate staff needs a change of scenery, we have just the space for you.

Each cabanalow is designed with many amazing features to satisfy all of our nature-loving guests. They offer a nice area to take a break from the action or rest after a day of adventure as you keep an eye on your kids while they play safely nearby in the Splash Park. 

Crawl, swim, or fly on over to Tanganyika Wildlife Park and relax in your semi-private, cabanalow while taking pleasure in the serene beauty of nature. Book your cabanalow today! 

Will I have access to Tanganyika Falls with my park admission during regular park hours?

Absolutely! That is part of the fun. With the addition of our new splash park, a visit to Tanganyika is a parent’s dream and a mini vacation for kids. Experience an exotic animal adventure and then cool down in a tropical resort-like splash park.

Do I need to make reservations for Tanganyika Falls during regular park hours?

No. Reservations are not required, we do encourage non-season pass holders to purchase admission in advance to expedite the check-in process. 

Can I access Tanganyika Falls without purchasing admission to Tanganyika?

The Splash park is only included in an Admission Pass or a Season Pass reservation to Tanganyika

What is the cost of admission to Tanganyika Falls?

Access to Tanganyika Falls is included in your Park admission during normal operating hours.  It’s like 2 Parks for the Price of 1!

Will towels be available for purchase or rent?

We do have towels available for a very affordable price in the Tanganyika Falls gift shop. Otherwise, please bring your own towel.

Are swimsuits required to use the splash park?

Swimsuits are not required. However, any clothing or swimsuits with rivets, buckles, or exposed metal is not permitted on the slides.

Swimwear and attire must be family appropriate and are subject to staff approval. Thongs, speedos, etc., are not permitted.

Swimwear for children will be available in the Tanganyika Falls gift shop.

Are there restrooms and/or changing rooms for my kids and I to use to change into and out of swimsuits?

Yes! The changing rooms are furnished with showers, a restroom, baby changing counter and a wet area so you can keep those kids you have already changed separate from the ones that haven’t.

Is Tanganyika Falls open every day? What is the last day it will be open for this season?

It will be open daily. Typically, Tanganyika Falls would close Labor Day weekend, but we have kept it open longer if the weather holds out.

Is the Splash Park Safe?

The system and procedures for Tanganyika Falls exceed all codes set forth by the state of Kansas (Sedgwick County does not have any codes) and comply with the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code guidelines, considered to be the gold standard for aquatic facilities.

Below is a short list of ways we went above and beyond to provide a safe environment:

  • UL Certified Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Secondary Disinfection System which runs 24/7 along with the filtration and chlorination systems
  • Upgraded automated chemical controller for 24/7 data logging, remote monitoring and push notifications for alarm conditions
  • Electrical safety interlocks that automatically shut down all the water features if the water quality falls outside of approved limits
  • Rigorous training of our Support team
  • Increasing the number of certified Aquatic Facility Operators (AFO)
  • Ensuring our our system and procedures were audited and tested by an independent Certified Pool Operator
  • Hired an independent engineering firm to certify the system “as-built” complies with state code and the original, approved engineering drawings
  • Abundantly displayed signage reminding guests of their duty to shower, maintain proper diaper hygiene for infants, and use only approved footwear inside the splash park
The safety of our guest is of the utmost importance and Tanganyika wants to do what they can to ensure a fun and safe environment for kids (and adults) to get wet and cool off.