Make the Most of Your
Sunflower Summer Pass!

Make Memories That Last A Lifetime at
Tanganyika Wildlife Park


  • FREE Admission

  • Exclusive Experiences

  • Incredible Discounts

Discover rare and endangered species from around the globe right here in Kansas!  

With your Sunflower Summer pass, gain FREE entry to the “Midwest’s most interactive zoo.” 

Unlike any other zoo in the Sunflower Summer program, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers FIVE ANIMAL FEEDINGS included with your ticket!

Feed and connect with magnificent creatures like Rhinos, hippos, lemurs, lorikeets, giraffes, tortoises, bunnies, guinea pigs, and MORE, all within reach in Wichita!

Elevate Your Experience with
Exclusive Add-On Packages!

As part of Sunflower Summer, Tanganyika Wildlife Park presents exclusive discounts on delectable food and extraordinary experiences!
Ever dreamed of touching a penguin or holding hands with an otter? How about feeding a sloth or having a monkey playfully leap across your back? 
Forge unforgettable connections with wildlife you won’t find anywhere else at prices that suit your budget.
GET UP TO 25% OFF ON REFRESHMENTS & SNACKS! Your Sunflower Summer Pass also offers exclusive drinks and snacks discounts around the park. Get ready to quench your thirst and satisfy your snack cravings while enjoying significant savings!
Valentines Paint with a Penguin

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We appreciate your kind and honest feedback and invite you to visit our amazing wildlife park.

A. Simpson

You might be thinking…
I'll go to the zoo, and it's the same story. But the thing is… It's not even close.

G. Smith

Tanganyika Wildlife Park gives you
more than great exhibits. Here you have interactions with the animals that bring you emotions you will remember forever…