Sloth behind the scenes

Pet a Sloth at Tanganyika Wildlife Park Kansas Zoo

what to expect

Have you ever wondered what Tanganyika’s most popular animal experience is? Well, you’ve found it! Our interactive sloth behind-the-scenes experience is a special treat for anyone who encounters it. Guests will get to enter the sloth enclosure while getting the rare opportunity to meet our sloths up-close as well as feed, touch, and get photos with them. 

Our sloth behind-the-scenes experience is highly-reviewed and have guests leaving our park with a new favorite animal; a sloth! Chewy, along with the others in our sloth crew have made a lot of friends through this experience and would love the chance to meet you, too! 

Tips to know


Chewie is the best! I got to meet him as a Mother's Day gift from my son, best day ever! He looks like he's having so much fun!

Elizabeth Hertzing

Conservation Corner: Two-toed Sloth

Deforestation and other forms of habitat destruction remain threats for the sloth. Other human-made threats include power lines and roads. Educating children and adults in the sloths’ home countries about their importance to the ecosystem—and how to treat sloths respectfully—remains a challenge for those who want to help this unique and wonderful creature.