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Tanganyika Season Pass Holders

Unlimited Visits for the 2020 Season  (March 14 – November 8, 2020)

1. Schedule Your Visit

We are taking extra measures due to COVID-19. If you have already purchased season passes, please click the Reserve Tickets button below to select the date and time of your next visit.  We will still scan your pass, so only select 1 ticket for each pass holder or guest (if you have a guest pass) that will be entering with you at the time selected.

2. Members Portal Login

After you’ve scheduled your visit, login here to check in with your season pass when you get to the park!

Become A 2020 Season Pass Member!

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited Visits*

    You will receive unlimited visits to Tanganyika during the season purchased.*

  • Gift Shop Discount

    Save 10% on everything in the Tanganyika Park Gift Shop.

  • Save on Food

    Save 10% at our Pavillion Deli and at our Coffee Shop!

  • Special Events Discount

    We are always putting on events, like Pumpkins in the Park & the Twilight Tour, and not only will you be the first to know, but you'll also save 10% on attendance!

  • Birthday Party & Camps Discount

    Save 10% on any birthday party you book with us, or on any camp attendance!

  • $5 Off Guest Admission

    Bring your friends and they'll save $5 just for being with a super special Season Pass Member.


Adult – $49.99

Child (3-11) – $39.99

Senior (60-89) – $41.99

*Unlimited Visits excludes Pumpkins at the Park and Twilight Tour

**Blackout dates for all pass holders – April 14th and August 30th for private events

Season Pass FAQ's

You do not need a pass for a child until they turn 3 years old, and guests over 90 will receive free general admission. 

The digital pass is a barcode you access on your mobile device in place of a paper or plastic card.  It allows you to enter the Park quicker, receive your discounts in the gift shop, etc. and utilize the new sharing options on the Frequent Feeder pass add-on.  Therefore, it's important to know how to access it.  To learn how to access your digital pass, click here.

Helpful Hint: You will see an option to print the "digital passes" underneath each person's name in the digital pass section of the in the member portal.  We can scan those barcodes if you don't have a mobile device or don't want to use it.  

You will receive unlimited visits to Tanganyika during the season purchased.  Plus, we offer a variety of discounts for season pass holders:

  • 10% off Gift Shop
  • 10% off Pavilion Deli/Coffee Shop
  • 10% off Special Events like Pumpkins at the Park & Twilight Tour
  • 10% off Birthday Parties & Camps
  • $5 off Admission for guests that visit with you

To receive your discounts, you will present your digital pass at the register and they will scan it.

Tanganyika is the most interactive zoo in the Midwest. Guests have raved about the thrill and excitement experienced when participating in animal encounters. We currently offer the following animal encounter stations:

  • Ring-tail Lemur Feeding
  • Giraffe Feeding
  • Pygmy Hippo Feeding
  • Indian Rhino Feeding
  • Lori Feeding
  • Bunny Feeding
  • African Tortoise Feeding
  • Guinea Pig Feeding
  • Camel Rides

For $35, the frequent feeder pass add-on will allow any pass holder on your account to share the pass for a total of five animal encounters each visit all season long. 

During your visit, we will scan a digital or printed pass (if you printed one via the member portal) each time you visit one of the encounter stations above. 

In the past, only one person could use the pass during each visit. Now (starting 2019), the Frequent Feeder gives everyone more access by allowing anyone on your account to share the pass for a total of five animal encounters during the same visit.

Helpful Hint: Although each pass holder on an account can share the frequent feeder pass, each Frequent Feeder pass only includes five encounters. If you have multiple pass holders (especially children) on your account, you may consider purchasing adding multiple Frequent Feeder passes to your account.

Yes! For instance, a family of five with one Frequent Feeder pass add-on could like this:

Any Visit

John - Adult Season Pass
Jane - Adult Season Pass
Luke - Child Season Pass (2 encounters)
Clare - Child Season Pass (2 encounters)
Anna - Child Season Pass (1 encounter)

All five of the encounters can be changed around at any given visit all season long. You can use your five encounters however you choose. For example, maybe John and Luke had a soccer game and can't attend the park with the rest of the family today. That means Clare, Anna, and Jane can split the 5 encounters. 

Helpful Hint: Although each pass holder on an account can share the frequent feeder pass, keep in mind that the encounters limit is five. If you have multiple pass holders on your account that you plan on attending the park with, you may consider purchasing more frequent feeder passes. By purchasing two frequent feeder add-ons, you now have 10 interactive encounters to spread among pass holders on your account. 

Starting in 2019, the Frequent Feeder pass add-on can be shared during your visit by anyone with a season pass on your account.  This means that we are no longer using wristbands for the Frequent Feeder passes.  Instead, the encounter stations will scan your digital pass just like when you enter the Park.  For every Frequent Feeder pass you add to your account, you will get 5 encounters.  The system will track how many times your pass has been used each day.

Helpful Hint: Click here to learn how to access your digital pass.

You can purchase season passes online, over the phone (316-794-8954), or come by Tanganyika to purchase them.

The season passes expire at the end of the season they were purchased, which is generally in November.

No. Each pass is for a single individual. For example, our family of five from above (John, Jane, Luke, Clare, and Anna) want to visit TWP using season passes, they would purchase five season passes; one for each person.  They couldn't purchase three season passes to mix and match between them. For instance:

Purchase 5 Season Passes

John - Adult Season Pass
Jane - Adult Season Pass
Luke - Child Season Pass
Clare - Child Season Pass
Anna - Child Season Pass

Not Allowed
Purchase 3 passes

Visit 1
Adult Season Pass  1 - Lisa
Child Season Pass  1 - Luke
Child Season Pass  2 - Clare

Visit 2
Adult Season Pass 1 - Matt
ChildSeason Pass 1 - Luke
ChildSeason Pass 2 - Anna

If you have a situation that requires a different person to attend such as foster children, caregivers, etc, check out our new Guest Pass that can be added to the account. Click here to learn more.

To access your digital passes, log in to the member portal.  Once logged in, you will see the digital pass section with a button that says, "Check Out Your Passes", which will take you to the digital passes.

If you don't have your access to your digital pass, we just need one member from your party to check-in with a photo ID.  If they are children and don't have a photo ID, we can still check them in.  It also helps to have the digital pass, so you can access your discounts and encounters if you have the Frequent Feeder pass add-on.

Helpful Hint:  You can upload a photo of each person so that the blank icon above shows their face.  Then we don't need a photo ID for that person.


We don't mail out season pass cards.  However, you can use digital passes or print out your own cards by accessing them through the member portal (see above).

To interact with the animals, you will have the option to purchase an Encounter Pass (5 interactions for $10) or an All-Access Pass (10 interactions for $20) each time you visit.  Otherwise, you can add a Frequent Feeder pass add-on.  To learn more, click here.

The season pass is only good for visits during normal business hours.  It does not include admission to special events like Twilight Tour or Pumpkins at the Park.  However, it does include admission to promotional days like Bunny Bonanza and it does entitle you to discounts on special events mentioned above.

Frequent Feeder Pass - The Frequent Feeder gives you 5 animal encounters for each visit to the Park.  here are the most frequently asked questions for the Frequent Feeder pass:

Photo Pass -  Unless you purchase animal encounters each time you visit, you don't get the opportunity for lemur photos.  The Photo Pass will allow you to receive digital photos at the lemur encounter and camel ride each time you visit for only $20.  You will get a card with a lanyard that can be scanned each time you participate in those activities and all the photos will be saved in one location.  Plus, you can purchase a printed copy of any of the digital photos at our photo booth.

The Guest Pass is not tied to a specific person like the Season Pass; it is transferable.  This allows anyone to visit on that Guest Pass when attending with a season pass holder on the same account.  You can use each Guest Pass once per day.  The Guest Pass is just $60 and ideal for:

  • Families that frequently take in different foster children
  • Families that have a caregiver that may vary
  • Grandparents with dozens of grandchildren, but only a few of them visit at a time

There isn't currently an option to purchase one pass that would include the entire family.  It is something we have considered, but don't offer at this time.

You do NOT need an ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) to purchase passes.  However, adults will need a photo ID to enter the park unless they have uploaded their photos to their account.

Your child does not need an ID to be checked in.  However, we recommend that their photo is uploaded to the membership portal, so we can ensure it is them.  Click here to watch a quick tutorial on how to add the profile photos to your account.