Rhino Feeding adventure

Man and woman petting a white rhinoceros at Tanganyika Wildlife Park Zoo in Wichita, KS
woman petting a white rhinoceros at Tanganyika Wildlife Park Zoo in Wichita, KS

what to expect

Venture into the Savanna and come face to face with our magnificent crash of Southern White Rhinos! Yes, that’s what a group of rhinos is called, and on this tour, you’ll see why! Our expert keepers will be your guides, giving you the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the world’s second-largest land mammal. 

Feed them a snack, give them a gentle scratch, and discover how you can contribute to conserving this vulnerable species. Plus, learn all about the care and training required for these majestic animals and be among the first to hear about our upcoming safari expansion.

Tips to know


After hearing the white rhinos had arrived, we just had to see them. Meeting Dwight and the girls was amazing. They are so sweet, vocal and live the attention. Feeding them was an experience I have done more than once and we always look forward to it. To have the barn done and get the safari park finished would be amazing. We feel everyone should have the opportunity to meet these magnificent creatures.

Conservation Corner: Southern White Rhino

Giraffes are facing a silent extinction. We partner with Giraffe Conservation Foundation to help raise funds for tracking giraffes so researchers and law makers can work together to establish protected areas. We also monitor heights on all our giraffe and submit them to Wild Nature to be compared with data on wild giraffe. The more we know about them the easier they are to conserve!