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Dive deep into the hidden world of pygmy hippos with our exclusive Pygmy Hippo Encounter, the only encounter of its type in the United States! This unique tour offers an intimate behind-the-scenes visit to our very own pygmy hippo family, starring the endearing Latke, our newest baby hippo. Venture into our hippo care facility, have the opportunity to feed one of our hippos (did you know they secrete a natural sunscreen?),  participate in a training session with a keeper, and watch as one of the hippos crafts a nose print painting that you can take home. Led by our expert care staff, you’ll gain insights into what it takes to care for pygmy hippos, an endangered species. This experience isn’t just a day out—it’s a chance to become part of the mission to preserve an endangered species. Don’t miss it!

Tips to know

Conservation Corner: Pygmy Hippo

The biggest threat pygmy hippos face is a loss of their critical rainforest habitat. Rainforests in central Africa continue to be decimated for mining for Coltan, a key mineral found in the batteries of most electronics. Fortunately, coltan can be recycled; cleaning out the junk drawer and responsibly recycling old electronics is a great way to play a small part in preserving the habitats of pygmy hippos and other rainforest dwellers.