Penguin meet and greet

Meet a penguin at tanganyika wildlife park

what to expect

Who would have known you could meet a penguin right here in Kansas?

Waddle your way in to Tanganyika for an unforgettable penguin meet and greet experience!

Get to know a Tanganyika penguin through up-close interaction. You’ll get the opportunity to touch them, take photos beside them, and participate in a little play session.

Be prepared to laugh nonstop because these guys sure are funny and filled with character.

Along the way, Tanganyika trainers will be there to fill you with knowledge about penguins and to answer any questions you may have.


Tips to know


We have done it as a family. it was amazing. we even got the little penguin paints!!

Conservation Corner: African Penguin

The biggest threats to African penguins are competition with humans over fish and degradation of their nesting sites. Choosing sustainably farmed seafood is one great way to help African penguins. There are numerous conservation organizations who are now building artificial nests for penguins that you can support. Our favorite is the Dyer Island Trust in South Africa!