Owl Monkey Meet & Greet

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what to expect

Dexter is a tiny owl monkey with big captivating eyes. These small forest monkeys are shy and often active at night. During this meet and greet, you'll get the rare opportunity to come meet Dexter up close and see if he will welcome you in to his troop.


Plus, you’ll get to help us train him, get multiple photos with him, and watch all his curious and silly monkey antics.

This is the perfect interactive animal experience for all ages – making it a great meet and greet choice for families. Feel free to ask all the questions you have while getting to know Dexter. Just keep in mind, he gets a bit scared by loud noises.

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The Owl Monkey Meet & Greet was incredible! We loved getting to feed Dexter and his keepers were very informative, answering all of my many questions.

Conservation Corner: Owl Monkey

The biggest threat to owl monkey's in the illegal pet trade. You can help by educating yourself and others why owl monkey's are challenging pets and how specialized of care they require.