Scout Programs: Overnight Safaris

Tanganyika’s Overnight Safari is the ultimate sleepover experience for your scout group!

What to Expect

Join us for an overnight adventure! Where else can you wake up to the giraffes eating breakfast or play flashlight tag with a curious clouded leopard? Tanganyika’s Overnight Safari is the ultimate sleepover experience for your scout group!

Things to Know:

  • Availability for Overnight Safaris is limited. Contact us today to check dates!
  • We also offer a campout option if you’re looking for tent camping! Contact us for details!

The Basic overnight program includes:

  • Depending on the overnight weather, some animals may have access to their outdoor habitats. We’ll explore the Park in the dark and see what animals we can find!
  • If the weather cooperates, we sleep on the Giraffe Deck. 
  • At least one adult with the group must sleep outdoors.
  • Scouts and adults may choose to sleep in one of our climate-controlled buildings
  • You may bring cots and/or air mattresses. Tent camping is not included with this program.
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Environmental Education Tip:

Spending time outside has been proven to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. A night sleeping under the stars at Tanganyika is the perfect way to get some fresh air and spend time with your den, pack, or troop!

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Dream Trip Taken!

“The Girl Scouts of Troop 4337 from Holden, Missouri love everything to do with animals. They want to know how to care for animals, what they face as their species and making a difference for them. These Girl Scout also work so hard at their Product Program sales and planned and saved for this awesome experience. This summer they were thrilled to take a trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park where they stayed overnight and received an extraordinary VIP experience. These Girl Scouts swam with penguins, fed all kinds of animals, learned all about endangered species and how to help. It was a trip they will not forget!” – Troop 4337 



Want to plan your dream trip? Set up your call and ask our team about our Dream Trip options. 

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