2021 Gold Pass Bundle

The Gold Pass saves the MOST!

Save 70% on the best premium wildlife package at Tanganyika ever created. 

That’s $550 OF SAVINGS this week on this deal.

Is this bundle for you??

  1. Do you consider yourself a Tanganyika superfan?
  2. Do you want to feed, feed, feed with an unlimited feeding pass all season long?
  3. Do you want to bring a different guest every single visit?
  4. Do you want $150 worth of animal experiences?
  5. Do you want free entry to our events?
  6. Do you want to get early-entry for free throughout the summer?
  7. Do you want a free t-shirt?
  8. Do you have kids that like to participate in our educational activities?
  9. Do you like to visit Tanganyika Falls Splash Park in the after-hours events in the summer?

If you answered ‘YES’ to one or two of these questions, you will save the most money by getting this Gold Season Pass Bundle.

You get all of the perks from the basic season pass, and the Silver Pass, and much much more!

2 parks for the price of 1:

  • Tanganyika Wildlife Park and Tanganyika Falls Splash Park
  • Unlimited Visits all season long
  • No black out dates in 2021
  • Free daily entry starting on March 15th
Each season pass bundle is designed for an individual. This flexibility allows mom and her child to have Gold Passes, dad to have the budget $49.99 option, and grandma to get the Silver Pass. 

Thinking about the Gold but on want to save a $ or two? Buy Gold option for your child because it comes with a guest pass every time your child comes, so you or your husband can be a guest for free all season long. 

Still not sure?
Buy the Gold Pass for your child, but the Silver Pass or Basic Season Pass for yourself!

frequently asked questions

We do not currently have a family pass option. Our Gold Pass Season Pass includes a guest pass with unlimited visits as long as the guest attends with the pass holder. Feel free to call and any of our team members can assist in helping you find the best bundle to maximize your value!

The Gold and Silver Passes are purchased per individual, and their perks cannot be shared amongst other pass holders on the account.

Your guest will be to participate in Early Entry, Tanganyika Falls After Hours, and a wristband for Unlimited Feedings for free when attending with the Gold Pass holder, and gift cards can be used for any purchase that might benefit your guest. All other benefits are not shareable.

The Gold and Silver season passes are good for unlimited visits during Tanganyika’s regular season (March – November).  However, the Gold and Silver passes will get you access to new experiences and activities after we close in November 2021 so you have the opportunity to stay connected with the animals and Team Tanganyika during the off-season.

These are currently being developed and will become available starting November 2021. 

These events are actually something new we are doing for 2021! An example would be an evening of entertainment from Dueling Pianos in The Courtyard next to Tanganyika Falls splash park. The Park’s annual fundraisers such as Twilight Tour and Pumpkins in the Park are not included. 

You can pick up your shirts, bumper stickers, or gift cards on your first visit or schedule a time to stop by the Gift Shop. 

In 2020, we started offering Early Entry where you can access the Park up to 1 hour before our regular hours. You’ll get to experience the Park waking up for the day such as keeper’s preparing the animal’ habitats , animals eating their breakfast, and more! This is a great perk especially during the heat of the summer!

You will still need to make reservations to visit with both passes.  However, the Gold Pass allows you to participate in all the animal encounters without a reservation. 

View Our Silver and Gold Packages!

Did we miss a question you had?
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