2024 TWP Basic Season Pass

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$99.99 $24.99
  • $119 value
  • Unlimited visits all season
  • Tanganyika Falls splash park access
  • Variety of park discounts

get offline at Tanganyika

  • Tanganyika Wildlife Park and Tanganyika Falls Splash Park
  • Unlimited Visits all season long
  • Only $24.99 (when on sale): less than the price of a one day admission price ($39.99)
  • Free daily entry starting in mid March.

*** This pass is your best budget-friendly option if you just like to visit Tanganyika as often as you please to take in the ambiance and wildlife at your own pace.

Each season pass bundle is created for an individual. This is perfect so mom can buy a silver for her daughter, but buy a basic $24.99 deal for herself. 

Don’t forget to tag on a guest pass as well, so you can bring dad or a school friend for your child when dad is busy at work. 

Family on a tight budget? Buy the $24.99 for every individual, then buy a $10 feeding bracelet on special occasions so your child can feed 5 special animals. This is perfect because your kids might want the splash park today, but feeding tomorrow, so you can be more frugal and management your budget based on the weather, your kid’s daily interests, or the length of the feeding lines. 

Remember this pass does NOT includes the following:

X – Animal feedings
X – Guess passes
X – Access to any events
X – Early access

You can purchase these a la carte as you desire for an additional price.

If one or two of these ‘extras’ is something you love, be sure to consider the upgrades to Silver Pass and Gold Pass Bundles for you or the kids!

frequently asked questions

  •  You will receive unlimited visits to Tanganyika during the season purchased. You’ll also have access to the Tanganyika Falls splash park during regular hours. Memorial Day though Labor Day. 
  •  Plus, we offer a variety of discounts for Season Pass Holders: 
  • 10% off Gift Shop
  • 10% off Food and Beverages 
  • 10% off Special Events like Twilight Tour and Pumpkins at the Park
  • 10% off Birthday Parties, Day Camps, and Summer Camps
  • $5 off Admission for guests that visit with you!

All passes are subject to changed operating hours due to buy-outs and special events.

You can purchase season passes online, over the phone (316-794-8954), or come by Tanganyika to purchase them.

The Season Passes will expire at the end of the season they were purchased, which is generally in November. 

  • You do not need a pass for a child until they turn 3 years old, and guests over 90 will receive free entry to the Park. 
  • You can still have your child under 2 on your account and assign them a Baby Season Pass. 
No. Each pass is for a single individual. For example, our family of five from above (John, Jane, Luke, Clare, and Anna) want to visit TWP using season passes, they would purchase five season passes; one for each person.  They couldn’t purchase three season passes to mix and match between them. For instance:
  • Allowed
    Purchase 5 Season Passes
  •  John – Adult Season Pass
     Jane – Adult Season Pass
     Luke – Child Season Pass
     Clare – Child Season Pass
     Anna – Child Season Pass
  • Not Allowed
    Purchase 3 passes
  • Visit 1
     Adult Season Pass  1 – Lisa
     Child Season Pass  1 – Luke
     Child Season Pass  2 – Clare
  • Visit 2
     Adult Season Pass 1 – Matt
     ChildSeason Pass 1 – Luke
     ChildSeason Pass 2 – Anna
  • If you have a situation that requires a different person to attend such as foster children, caregivers, etc, check out our Guest Pass that can be added to the account. 

Each person needs to have their own season pass, and instead of having a one-size-fits-all or family option, we allow each person to choose which level is right for them.  So some of your family want to do animal feedings each time they visit, then a Silver Pass might be good for them.  If some of your family just want unlimited visits to the wildlife park and splash park during regular hours, then a Basic pass would work fine for them.  If you LOVE feedings, want to bring friends and family each time, feed as much as you want, and have access to all the VIP perks then a Gold Pass is definitely your option.  In other words, mix and match the levels that best fit your family and how you would connect. Don’t know what you need? Just reach out and we’re happy to help you find the best combo for you and your family!

 You do NOT need an ID (driver’s license, passport, etc) to purchase passes. However, adults will need a photo ID to enter the Park unless they have uploaded their photos to their account. 

We don’t mail out season pass cards. Silver and Gold Pass holders can pick up cards on their first visit. However, you can use digital passes or print out your own cards by accessing them through the member portal (see above). 

To interact with the animals, you will have the option to purchase an Encounter Pass (5 feedings for $10) or Unlimited Encounters (unlimited feedings for the day, for $25) each time you visit. 

Your child does not need an ID to be checked in. However, we recommend that their photo is uploaded to the membership portal, so we can ensure it is them. 

Yes! You are able to upgrade your passes at any point during our season. Just ask one of our support team and they can assist you in your upgrade.

View Our Silver and Gold Packages!

Did we miss a question you had?
Feel free to give us a call at 316-794-8954 or email twp@twpark.com and we can help you out!