Lemur Meet and Greet

Tanganyika Wildlife Park Lemur Meet and Greet
Red ruffed lemur tanganyika wildlife park

what to expect

As her name suggests, Emerald the red-ruffed lemur is a GEM! We know you'll lover her if you get the chance to meet her.

During this unforgettable experience, you’ll get to interact with Emeralds by getting to touch her, get your photo taken with her, have her walk across your back, feed her, and much more! 

Tanganyika trainers will be there to tell you all about Emerald. You’ll discover some fascinating facts about red-ruffed lemurs! 

Tips to know


What an amazing experience! My kids and I had such a blast on our lemur meet and greet. We enjoyed meeting Emerald and learning about her. This was the perfect gift for my daughter's birthday.

Conservation Corner: Red-Ruffed Lemur

Lemurs are critically endangered and their biggest threat is habitat loss. The best way to help lemurs from here in Kansas is to support conservation organizations like Lemur Love. Lemur Love is a group of female scientists who work to survey lemur populations and educate locals in Madagascar on how to make a sustainable living in the rainforest of Madagascar. In addition by supporting the park today you’re helping to support our breeding program here which will help maintain a viable genetic population of animals in zoos. Lastly, support pollinators like Emerald here in the United States by planting a pollinator garden.