Scout Programs: Group Visits

Join one of our experienced guides tour around Tanganyika. Scouts will visit several exhibits, learn about the animals, and have the chance to further their learning by asking questions.

What to Expect

A group visit to Tanganyika is the perfect way to have fun with your troop, pack, or den! Enjoy a walk on the wild side as your scouts – and their families – pet kangaroos, dance with Domingo, the hyacinth macaw, and observe our colobus monkeys jump and play. This is a great family activity for scouts of all ages.

Things to Know:

Safari Encounter Package:

  • Entry to the Park
  • 3 animal feedings per person (giraffes, lorikeets, and 1 children’s zoo animal)

Add-Ons include:

Guided Tour:

• Available Monday-Friday only

Do you know how Colobus Monkeys prefer to move between trees? What about what rhino horn is made out? Join our expert educators on a guided tour – we’ll take you to visit 4-5 animal habitats where you’ll learn WOW facts and stories about the amazing animals we care for! 

Environmental Education Tip:

Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts focus on building our children into community-conscious leaders. Giving scouts the opportunity to connect with nature can help build both leadership skills and enables them to make environmentally-conscious decisions.

burmese python

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