GIRAFFE safari adventure

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what to expect

Join a keeper on an adventurous tour through our African/Asian barn. You’ll have the rare opportunity to meet our giraffe herd up-close and interact with them.

Along the way, prepare to make some stops to see a few of our giraffes’ friends that share the barn with them which may include red river hogs, bongos, rhinos, okapi and more!

This exotic animal adventure allows you to spend some quality time with our knowledgeable and friendly keepers who will be happy to fill you in on some fun facts and answer all your animal questions.

Tips to know


It was so cool to go behind-the-scenes to see the giraffes. We loved getting to feed and interact with them too. We got to meet many of the giraffes' "friends" as well. This was such a unique experience. Would highly recommend for any age!

Conservation Corner: Reticulated Giraffe

Giraffes are facing a silent extinction. We partner with Giraffe Conservation Foundation to help raise funds for tracking giraffes so researchers and law makers can work together to establish protected areas. We also monitor heights on all our giraffe and submit them to Wild Nature to be compared with data on wild giraffe. The more we know about them the easier they are to conserve!