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We love keeping you up to date on park events, animal news, growth, getting to know our trainers, and anything else we can do to welcome you into our Family at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

Animal Themed

Endangered Species Day

Join us to learn all about the five most endangered species that call TWP home.  Together we will explore their natural history, conservation status in the wild, learn

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Binturong Day

Enjoy a binturong training demo with our keeper staff while learning all about this unique species! Each paid guest attending will also receive a one-of-a-kind painting completed by

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Cinco de Rhino

Come join us for our next Connect and Preserve Day – Cinco De Rhino! Enjoy a variety of fun rhino-themed activities and special experiences. From rhino mud baths,

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Party for the Planet

Join us for the ultimate party on Saturday, April 24th. We’ll be celebrating Earth Day with STEM activities, crafts, games, and animal appearances! Guests will book 1-hour time

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Bunny Bonanza

Join us at Tanganyika on Saturday, April 3 for a fun-filled day that the whole family will enjoy! There will be fun Easter-themed activities such as multiple Easter

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