Undercover Keepers

Summer camps at Tanganyika will provide your child with the most wildly different experience imaginable!

What to Expect

Every day at 12pm, let our team take you undercover as we reveal the secrets and mysteries of the zoo and the animals that reside here!

You never know what might happen on these tours!

  • Decorate a cake for a siamang birthday?
  • Build enrichment for a lorikeet?
  • Explore the carnivore diet kitchen?
  • Delve in to the genetics of clouded leopards?

All ages welcome!

Things to Know:

Environmental Education Tip:

Zoos are vital for conservation and the preservations of species!

Zoos donate over 175 million dollars annually to conservation efforts, they participate in species survival and rerelease programs, and they provide expert experience in rescue situations across the globe!