Outreach Programs

Whether it’s a guest speaker or a live demonstration at your next event, we can bring the Zoo to you!

Tanganyika to You Program

What to Expect

I think we can all remember the thrill of a guest speaker in the classroom or at an assembly. Create that magical moment for your students by bringing the Park to you! Give your students the opportunity to engage with the natural world in a unique and exciting way that will help reinforce concepts that you’re already learning in the classroom!

Things to Know:

Environmental Education Tip:

Over 100 scientific studies have shown that experiencing nature – either getting outside to explore, bringing nature into the classroom, or simply being near nature has positive impact on our brains, bodies, feelings, thought processes, and social interactions.
Keeper with goat

Event Booths!

What to Expect

Add some pizzazz to your school carnival, church picnic, or other large event by booking one of our Booths! Perfect for come-and-go style events, booths give your attendees bespoke opportunities to interact with animals and deepen that connection to the natural world.

Things to Know:

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Field Trips
Safari Encounter

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Field Trips
Wildly Different

Tanganyika summer program

Homeschool Programs