Field Trips: Wildly Different Package

What to Expect

If you’re searching for the best way to connect your students to the natural world, the Wildly Different Package is the way to go! Join our expert tour guides, knowledgeable encounter station staff, and incredible educators for an unforgettable educational journey! Our tours and programs meet NGSS for all grade levels, so spend some time exploring the wild side of Wichita with your students!

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Things to Know:

The Wildly Different Package is $13.00 per person and includes:

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* Minimum group size – 10 people

Dates in April and May fill up quickly!

Here's What Brandie had to say:

"Our first grade NGSS (next generation science standards) include living things; plants and animals. Tanganyika is an amazing park that is the perfect size facility for us to have access to all exhibits and not feel rushed. The entire staff treats us like family and not just visitors. They give us one on one class attention when showing us the exhibits and telling us about each animal. They are always available to answer questions the kids have about the animals and their habitats. Most enjoyable part of the field trip for me as an educator is the live up close and personal class program Tanganyika offers. Erinn does an amazing job of giving the kids information about a specific animal and then letting them ask question about it. Finally, at the end of the session, the kids get to touch the animal. Tanganyika is a great family oriented place for you to take your class. It has unique exhibits as well as unique animals. They offer hands on experiences with live animals; lemurs, giraffes, rabbits, turtles… It has all the conveniences of a big park/zoo; concessions and playground, without the long treks to get to each exhibit. The grounds and exhibits are beautifully maintained. What surprised me most about my class experiences is the knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm of all the staff members. They make it an amazing experience."
baby giraffe
Brandie Tanner
St. Thomas Aquinas
kangaroo experience

Environmental Education Tip:

Developing and continuing to deepen a connection with the natural world is essential for a child’s development. Connecting with nature has been proven to help children build problem solving skills, increase their emotional intelligence, and help them socialize better with their peers.

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