Catch A Keeper

What to Expect

Take a break from the normal school day and invite us into your classroom with an amazing virtual presentation. Whether your students are in person, fully remote, or a hybrid, Catch a Keeper programs are a great way to spice up the regular routine with some animal fun!

Things to Know:

Catch a Keeper programs are $75 for a 15-20 minute virtual call with our expert educators.
Get a behind the scenes look at the Park by choosing one of the following:
Programs are available Monday through Friday. If you’re looking to book on a weekend, contact us at

Here's What David & Ashley (students) had to say:

We chose the Tanganyika Penguin Meet and Greet for our remote learners because it aligned perfectly with our standards. We learned about several varieties of penguins including their African Penguin. We even got to see the cutest interaction of all: otters trying to play with a penguin through the glass. I loved the information provided and it was excellent to see the penguin up close for every one. We even got to see inside his mouth for a second to see he had no teeth. That's one experience we could not get in person. I would recommend any of the programs at Tanganyika because it is worth getting that physical connection to the biodiversity in our world.
bird encounter TWP
David Hendershot
2nd Grade Remote - Valley Center, Kansas
Our 2nd graders loved our virtual field trip with the penguins. We had been studying and writing reports over penguins, so this was a great way to end our penguin unit! I have been to Tanganyika in person and knew that the penguin exhibit existed, but being at a school in Kansas that's not close enough to travel to the zoo, we were thrilled that we could still support a local business (Kansas) through a virtual field trip! Our zookeeper did a great job of sharing about the penguins but also left a good amount of time for our students to ask questions that they were still wanting answers too. She was very energetic and engaging as well. The cost of the field trip was also very affordable. We look forward to being able to do this every year, even though we won't be able to travel in person...the virtual option is a great resource for us!
picture with penguin
Ashley Sullivan
Peola Elementary

Environmental Education Tip:

Zoos are vital for conservation and the preservations of species! Zoos donate over 175 million dollars annually to conservation efforts, they participate in species survival and rerelease programs, and they provide expert experience in rescue situations across the globe!