School's Out! Day Camp

Now enrolling for 2022-2023 Jr. Zookeeper Day Camp!

What to Expect

Is there a school “in-service” day and your camper needs somewhere fun to go?

Our day camps are the perfect fit for campers wanting to have a fun day-off from school! Campers will have a blast playing with friends, building and creating experiments, and interacting with Tanganyika’s unique animals!

Things to Know:

*Not required, you can pack and bring lunch for your camper! Option available during the Park’s open season. 

day camp dates

September 5
October 14
November 21
November 22
November 23
November 25
December 19
December 20
December 21
December 22
December 23
December 26

December 27
December 28
December 29
December 30
January 2
January 3
January 16
February 17
February 20
March 10
April 7
April 10

Environmental Education Tip:

Did you know that one week of camp helps cover the cost of caring for our Indian Rhino, Monica, for FOUR days!

Not only can campers connect with our animals, but campers make a difference in helping us care for our animals and our overall mission! Tanganyika strives to protect the natural world with over 40 different conservation programs at our park!

You and your camper are directly helping our mission to positively impact our planet by keeping endangered species alive!

Your child's interaction with wildlife shouldn't be limited to a screen.

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