Children's Day Camp

Is your little camper wanting a fun day off of school? Bring them on down to our day camp! Here they will have a blast playing with friends, creating experiments, and interacting with Tanganyika’s unique animals!


Starting Price: $40 per camper


Lunch (optional) : $8 per camper


dates + themes

Oct 13 ∙ Rhinos
Nov 20 ∙ Lemurs
Nov 21 ∙ Sloths
Nov 22 ∙ Penguins
Nov 24 ∙ Cheetahs
Dec 18 ∙ Hippos
Dec 19 ∙ Giraffes
Dec 20 ∙ Zebras
Dec 21 ∙ Snakes

Dec 22 ∙ Owls

Dec 26 ∙ Bongos
Dec 27 ∙ Owl Monkey
Dec 28 ∙ Tigers
Dec 29 ∙ Gibbons
Jan 2 ∙ Okapis
Jan 15 ∙ Mandrills
Feb 12 ∙ Macaws
Mar 8 ∙ Goats
Apr 1 ∙ Warthogs
Apr 8 ∙ Kangaroos

Things to Know:

warthog experience

Your impact:

Did you know that five days of camp helps cover the cost of caring for our Indian Rhino, Monica, for FOUR days!

Not only can campers connect with our animals, but campers make a difference in helping us care for our animals and our overall mission! Tanganyika strives to protect the natural world with over 40 different conservation programs at our park!

You and your camper are directly helping our mission to positively impact our planet by keeping endangered species alive!

Your child's interaction with wildlife shouldn't be limited to a screen.

red lemur meet and greet

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Kids at Day Camp holding up slime that they made at Tanganyika Wildlife park

Summer Camp

Summer camps at Tanganyika will provide your child with the most wildly different experience imaginable!