Guest engagement and upselling workshop at tanganyika wildlife park

This course is great for any organization serious about engaging their guests!
great for museums, science centers, theme parks, zoos, aquarium and gardens… learn how to enhance your leisure experiences and increase income.

Want to create a 5-star experience for your guest every time? Want more positive reviews? Want to really make an impact and create lasting impressions for your guests? 

Come join us for a two day workshop in the Tanganyika Wildlife Park learning lab. This international conservation and commerce collaboration will ensure you leave with tangible, applicable skills. We’ll focus on simple guest engagement strategies that you can easily take back to your teams and implement. Each morning we’ll learn the skills and techniques and each afternoon you’ll have the opportunity to test your new skills on Tanganyika visitors. Observe behind the scenes tours and experiences at the park and watch the guest engagement strategies at work! 


On-site lodging available at Hawkins Estate starting at $75/night email LynnLee if you’re interested in lodging options. 

September 27th and 28th, 2022

Day 1
9:00-9:30 – Breakfast and introductions
9:30-12:30 – Guest Engagement Training with Adam Senior from CREW
12:30-1:30 – Lunch
1:30-2:30 – Observe CREW at work in the park
2:30-4 – Behind the scenes and meet and greets in the park

Day 2
8:30-9:30 – Breakfast and content review/group discussion
9:30-12:30 – Guest Engagement Training with Adam Senior from CREW
12:30-1:30 – Lunch
1:30-2:30 – Split up to practice at stations throughout the park
2:30-4 – Group brainstorm on implementation at your facility 

Meet your Instructors

Adam Senior is the managing director of both CREW training and ConsComm.
At Adam and his team help organisations in the leisure and attractions industry to empower their people with guest engagement, upselling and presentation skills. They do this through developing communication confidence and engagement skills in individuals and creating consistent strategies across client teams to enhance visitor and virtual experiences, maximise income, donations and support. In the community Adam plays a vital role in creatively collaborating with zoos, aquaria, museums, gardens, NGO’s and ethical commercial partners to support global conservation and sustainability through developing best practice, audience engagement, content development and income generation in an increasingly challenging and virtual world.

LynnLee manages a zoo both at home and at work! As the Chief of Connections at Tanganyika Wildlife Park she oversees any and all animal interactions and animal training. 

Two small boys keep her on her toes and love to accompany her on any animal adventures. In addition she owns Animals Amplified, a consulting company that empowers teams to develop innovative solutions so animals and keepers can find and live their “happy.”  When teams and animals are playing at max volume they captivate guests and make positive change for our planet. Her experience is mostly with big cats, ambassador animals, and animal training. LynnLee gets excited about big challenges, things that others say can’t be done, and she loves to help bridge the gaps between management and frontline staff.