Plan Your Visit to Tanganyika Wildlife Park!

We’d like to extend a warm and happy wildlife welcome to you from our Tanganyika Family. We connect people like you (aged 1 to 100) with rare and endangered animals in order to educate, inform, and inspire them to relate differently to the bigger world of wildlife around us. We’re glad you’re here to embark upon this fulfilling journey with us. 

Do you love 🐸 🐯 🐨 🐻 🐷  🐵 🐒 🐎 🐫 🐑 ?
Animals make us laugh, help us relax, and inspire us to appreciate the moments that matter. Our animals are different. What do a lemur, an okapi, a pair a siamangs and a Blue Macaw have in common?
You can see them all in one place, at one time, in WICHITA!

Parents and grandparents tell us their best memories with kids (from toddlers to teens) are our 1-on-1 Animal Experiences.

What is an Animal Experience you ask?

Swim with a penguin, play with an otter, train a lynx, hand feed an orphan baby joey (kangaroo).

Below we tell you more about it and answer all your frequently asked questions.

Start Here

3 simple steps for designing your ideal visit. When you are all set here, scroll down to our FAQ resources.


Reserve your Ticket for Park entry.

Option A

General Admission: 

Visit the park at your own pace. Stop and see animals from afar in their habitats. Enjoy our freebies like Undercover Keeper, the Jungle Gym and Tanganyika Falls – our Summer Splash Park. 

Option B

Unlimited Encounter Pass:

Interact and feed all of our animals available at what we call ‘encounter’ stations: giraffes, hippos, lemurs on your lap, kangaroo, and more.


Upgrade with an up-close VIP animal experience.

Set in an intimate setting with 2-10 people who participate as a small group in our training and enrichment program with one of our most popular animals: Porcupine, small cats like Lynx or Servel, penguins, and more. 

Option A

Meet and greet: 

Starting at $50 pp.

Option B

Behind the Scenes:

Starting at $50 pp.

Option C


Starting at $150 – Example Experience: Don that wetsuit and swim with our penguins

Option D

Monthly Exclusives:

Starting at $50 – Example Experience: Enjoy donuts with our male giraffe, get early access to the park, and more. These experiences rotate monthly, depending on babies being born, animals’ needs for training, animals that do better with certain weather, and Keeper specials. 


Map out your day.

If you choose the Unlimited Encounter Pass we can help you schedule the encounter stations and any special daily activities or animal demos going on.

As a BONUS get an insider guide to what is new, including “can’t miss” keepers to ‘interview,” an Activity box for youth visitors, and try out our scavenger hunt. 

Of course, we do events!

Are you interested in organizing a birthday partywedding or corporate event? Drop us a line and tell us about it.

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