carnivore meet and greet

Small cat meet and greet in wichita
carnivore meet and greet bat eared foxes at tanganyika wildlfe park

what to expect

Your opportunity is knocking… I mean scratching at the door. Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s small carnivore meet and greet experience is one that animal and wildlife lovers will not want to miss out on. 
During this experience, you will get to meet one of Tanganyika’s small carnivore ambassadors. Whether it’s a fascinating feline or a fantastic fox, you’ll have the unique chance to observe up-close. We’ve taken it up a notch by sprinkling in interaction! You will get to take photos with them, and assist Tanganyika keepers with a training session! Keep in mind, this is NOT a house cat, so our trainers will be there to let you know exactly when and how it’s safe to interact with them. 
Along the way, our trainers will be filling you with fun facts and knowledge about these cats and you are more than welcome to ask questions.
If you weren’t already a carnivore lover, you will be after this experience!

Tips to know


My family and I had a blast at the small cat meet and greet. The trainers were so knowledgeable and informative. It was so cool to see Jade so close. This meet and greet really did a great job at creating a connection with these animals. We want to do all of Tanganyika's meet and greets!

Conservation Corner: African Serval

Currently, servals are listed as least concern but they are still threatened by habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. One great way to help small cats like Jade is to research and be very cautious about what types of rodenticides you purchase and use and these can be lethal to the predators that are eating the animals. 

Conservation Corner: Bat-Eared Foxes

The only fox species inhabiting the African Savannah, bat-eared foxes, face habitat reduction due to human population growth, expansion, and encroachment into wildlife areas for settlements and agriculture. This heightened interaction may lead to the perception of bat-eared foxes as pests, prompting persecution. Creating awareness about the crucial role these foxes play in their ecosystems is vital for fostering coexistence between bat-eared foxes and human populations.