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Help save Zebra with Papa’s General Store and TWP


If you’re looking for a delicious way to save wildlife, be sure to shop local and stop by Papa’s General Store and order the Extreme Zebra Shake! For each shake sold, Papa’s will donate the profits to save zebras and their habitats via the Tanganyika Connect and Preserve Fund. This fund will benefit the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, a conservation organization working in Kenya to protect the world’s most endangered zebra. 


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It’s not often that a local business and your local zoo team up to save endangered animals, but that is exactly what is happening in Clifton Square this May and June. Papa’s General Store, the ice cream and novelty shop has created a themed shake called the “Shake it up for Zebras” shake. The profits of each shake will go directly to the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, a conservation organization working to save zebras in their native habitats that is supported by Tanganyika Wildlife Foundation.

Shop small and save Zebras

What do extreme milkshakes, Zebra Conservation, and shopping local have to do with each other?


The answer is in the “Shake it up for Zebras” shake – an enormous, yet delicious shake that is shaking things up for zebras: topped with a zebra cake, brownie turtle, whipped topping, AND chocolate syrup to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer.


The story of how this novelty shake was created started with a visit of Papa’s team to their local zoo.


The employees enjoyed two days of visiting Tanganyika Wildlife Park where they met our zebras and learned some fun zebra facts from the Hoofstock keepers! Each Papa’s team member got the chance to take home a souvenir from our zebra herd – a custom painting that they created together. Then, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work swapping zebra facts and information about the Grevy’s Zebra’s that live right here in Kansas at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

Papas General Store at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Facts about Zebras: The Grevy´s Zebra Trust

The Grevy’s Zebra Trust was established in January 2007 to address the urgent need to conserve this animals and their habitats in Kenya and Ethiopia. They work directly with the communities that live alongside the Grevy’s zebra. In the 1970’s the population dropped from 15,000 to 3,000 individuals mostly due to poaching for their hide. Now, their biggest threat is habitat degradation. The Trust’s mission is to conserve and grow the Grevy’s zebra population in Northern Kenya.


They do this in many ways:

1. Patrolling and monitoring populations
2. Raise awareness of their plight
3. Protect the herds in the range
4. Teach ranchers sustainable grazing practices


Sustainable and restorative grazing practices are an important part of their work and many of those practices are already in play here in Kansas by our farming and ranching neighbors. We encourage you to take five minutes and follow the Grevy’s Zebra Trust by visiting their Facebook page and YouTube channel

zebra conservation

How Can You Help? 

Papa’s extreme shakes are quite literally a work of art. This enormous, yet delicious shake is topped with a zebra cake, brownie turtle, whipped topping, AND chocolate syrup to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer.


To help Grevy’s Zebra, all you have to do is visit Papa’s and tell them Tanganyika sent you for an Extreme Shake! They’ll happily donate the profits from your shake right back to our Connect and Preserve Fund in the name of Zebra. 


Visit Tanganyika, visit Papa’s, shop local, and love zebras!


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