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3 Wild Animal Adventures in the US: Swim with Penguins

Have you ever dreamt about swimming beside a penguin? Yes, just like Skipper from Madagascar! Or Feeding a Hippo as big as Gloria! Or touching a Rhino like Roy? This is your chance to live THE DREAM! These Wild Animal Adventures are an extraordinary experience you can have at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita Kansas. 

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Tanganyika is one of the few zoos in the US where you can pet and interact with hippos.

Looking for an Exotic Animal Experience? Look no further! We have it!

When it comes to having a wow moment at the Zoo, this Kansas wildlife park knows how to do it and offers a variety of options for everyone to have a blast! 

Check what Tanganyika Wildlife Park has to offer here: 

  • Swimming with Penguins: In this encounter, you’ll swim in the same pool where the African Penguins live. They will waddle and splash water on you, as a keeper assists you and answers all of your penguin-related questions. 
  • Hand feed a Pygmy Hippo: Be ready to toss carrots into the hippo’s mouth and see him chomp away his favorite food! You might even be able to meet Link, the baby hippo that loves to take baths in the hippos pool.
  • Feed and touch an Indian Rhino:  Have an up-close experience with Monica, a 7 year old Indian Rhino that loves to be fed and is ready to let you touch her face and even her tusk!

Are these Wild Animal Adventures not wild enough for you? Keep on reading. Tanganyika Wildlife Park has more to offer! 

Ever wondered if there are any Animal Encounters Near Me?

If you are in Kansas, the answer is yes and Tanganyika Wildlife Park is the place.

Named the most interactive zoo in the Midwest– this Wichita zoo is not your common zoo. It’s an animal adventure park full of hands-on animal encounters where you’ll be able to touch, feed, and play with some of the animals!

Some of the guests’ favorites are the meet and greet with sloths, otters, penguins, an owl monkey, and even a red-ruffed lemur. On the other hand, if you’re looking for exotic animal experiences, at Tanganyika you can hand feed penguins, meet a serval, a Eurasian lynx, or even pet an Okapi!

And, there are even more animal encounters to take part in: hand feed giraffes, go inside lemur island and feed them their favorite treat, walk inside the lorikeet’s aviary as they fly and land on you for a cup of nectar, pet the soft fur of a kangaroo and enjoy seeing the joeys’ first jumps. 

If you are visiting with toddlers, the petting zoo will be the place to hang out and play, feed or pet goats, bunnies, tortoises, guinea pigs, alpacas, and llamas. After all this fun, the splash park will be the go-to place to chill out.

swim with penguins at tanganyika wildlife park
A visit to the zoo, it’s more than just an opportunity for fun and education. It can be a chance to share precious moments with your family!

A Kansas destination for a family vacation 

Tanganyika Wildlife Park recently welcomed Kristina Light’s family. They describe themselves as animal lovers and they often look for destinations such as zoos and animal attractions when planning family trips.

They spent a weekend at Tanganyika and even stayed there at the Airbnb located inside the zoo! Their amazing animal adventure was posted in KC Parents magazine. At TWP, the Light’s made their wildest dreams come true by swimming with penguins, feeding sloths, playing with lemurs, and meeting up close with all of their favorite animals. 

Kristina says that when she asked her youngest daughter Lucy to rank the experience from 1-10, she gave it a BILLION stars! 

Click here to learn more about the 2-day package that the Light family took. The Ultimate Weekend Experience includes all that this Wichita zoo has to offer.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable zoo experience, one where you can get up close and personal with some of the coolest animals on the planet, look no further than Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita Kansas. 

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