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Why You Should Register Your Child for Jr. Zookeeper Day Camps

Here at Tanganyika, our Education Department offers different day camps throughout the school year that take place on different in-service days. These camps all have unique themes to deepen your child’s knowledge and understanding of the natural world while providing a safe and fun environment while you are at work! Each camp consists of unique crafts, games, STEM lessons, and science experiments and are designed for ages kindergarten to 12 years.

What will my child do at Jr. Zookeeper Day Camp?

During camp, your kids will have the opportunity to meet and learn about three different animals and visit some of our feeding stations throughout the park (weather permitting). At these stations, they will get to feed the animal while being educated about the species from a knowledgeable staff member. In addition, crafts, games, and science experiments are done throughout the day and are tailored to the specific age ranch of the kids attending that day.

Tanganyika Day Camp

Why should my child participate?

On their days off, most kids just want to sit at home behind their screens. Joining one of the Jr. Zookeeper Day Camps provides a fun and interactive way that they can continue learning in a way that keeps them engaged.

1. Better Than a Sitter

If you have a day job, we understand how difficult it can be for you to find a sitter or engaging activities for your little one. So, leave it up to us!

At our Jr. Zookeeper Day Camp, your child will get to make new friends, interact with animals, and learn new things! We focus on the important skills that they learn in school but approach them in a more hands-on way that keeps them engaged and animal entertained.

For example, younger kids will work on their fine motor skills by coloring in the lines or cutting shapes while older kids will help us read to the littles and lead simple games and activities. Our experienced education staff will make sure that your children have a meaningful experience at Tanganyika!


2. Each Camp is Different

Each and every day camp is different, providing your child a unique experience every time they join us!  At least 3 animals will be at every single day camp and because the theme is different every time, the animals will be too!

How many kids can say that they’ve had the opportunity to pet an African Crested Porcupine or a Burmese Python? We assure you, it isn’t many!

3. Teach Conservation While They are Young

One of our main goals in the education department is to help grow children’s love for animals and create future conservation lovers.

During Day Camp, we discuss ways that we can help solve some of the problems that animals are facing today and how to help keep certain species from going extinct. We believe that if we strengthen children’s connections to animals and conservation, they will be much more likely to help animals in the future!

Upcoming Jr. Zookeeper Dates

November 11th Harry Potter
 November 22ndMythical Creatures: Bigfoot & Yeti
 November 23rdMythical Creatures: Griffins 
 November 24thMythic Creatures: Phoenix 
 November 26thMythical Creatures: Unicorns 
 December 20thAfrican Animals 
 December 21stAsian Animals 
 December 22ndNorth American Animals 
 December 23rdSouth American Animals 
 December 24th (Half Day)Australian Animals 

*Be on the lookout for more information about Spring Break Camp, March 14-18th!

Ready to book?! Click here to register your kid(s) for our next camp: twpark.com/day-camp

Have more questions or want to speak with one of our Educators? Email us at edu@twpark.com or call us at 316-794-8954 ext. 204

Sydney Tanganyika Wildlife Park

About the Author: Sydney, lead educator at TWP, has spent most of her life in Wichita and calls it home! She has a master’s degree in Sociology from Wichita State University and loves learning more and more about the value of human and animal interaction. She spends most of her time at work talking with guests and teaching them about different animals! When she’s not at work you can find her at home playing with her dog, Levi!

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