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Why Wildlife Parks Are Important

In a modern world that faces threats of climate change, pandemics, and a population increasingly out of touch with the natural world, enclaves and refuges for animals become crucial. Parks and wildlife preserves provide a safe, accessible environment to explore and understand nature while at the same time allowing nature space to grow and thrive. Here are just a few reasons why the wildlife parks need your support, and they need it now.


  • Wildlife Parks and natural environments reduce greenhouse gasses and combat global warming.
  • Wildlife Parks add beauty to urban and suburban environments. They improve air quality, assist natural water filtration and contribute to the quality of life.
  • The animals in Wildlife Parks are in many cases critically endangered and increasingly rare in the wild due to habitat destruction. Wildlife parks help them to breed and preserve genetic diversity.
  • Wildlife parks expose children to nature at a young age to learn to appreciate the importance of protecting wildlife and understand the impact of the natural world on their lives.
  • Wildlife parks are popular tourist destinations. Local patrons’ continued support helps wildlife preserves grow and offer new attractions, such as Tanganyika’s water park.
  • Wildlife parks support economic activity. Wildlife parks foster tourism, animal research, veterinary medicine, and countless other jobs.


The Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers opportunities to see and interact with animals you won’t see in other wildlife parks and zoos. It is one of the premier tourist attractions in Kansas. We are proud of the work we have done for our animals and the local community in Goddard, KS. Support from community members allows us to continue to grow, educate our children, and pave the way for a sustainable future. Grab your tickets or season pass today!

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