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Reasons Kids Love Zoos: Exploring the Fascination with Wildlife

Most kids enjoy a trip to the zoo. As adults, most of us can look back to a fun, exciting, and inspiring moment of our childhood that took place at the zoo. What is it about zoos that fascinate children and the young at heart?


Discovering New Sights and Sounds


Even young infants can enjoy the trumpet of an elephant, the plumage of a peacock, or the lithe movements of a big cat. Children of all ages love to experience new things, and every exhibit at the zoo offers opportunities for novel sensory experiences. The limitless variety of animal behaviors can even surprise and delight children who have been to the zoo many times.


Understanding Other Minds


As they grow, children are learning to understand others. Animals provide children with a chance to empathize, predict, and interpret behaviors different from their own in a safe environment. As a result, children develop critical socio-emotional skills such as empathy, kindness, self-awareness, and self-regulation to help them empathize with and understand people.


Developing a Bond with Animals


Children need to form relationships and personal connections to the world around them. Animals give children a chance to connect to animals. Even simple connections such as holding an animal’s attention can provide a young child a sense of agency and importance.  

Experiencing Rides and Animal Encounters


For young children, rides and activities can accentuate and personalize the animal encounter experience through pretend play. A water ride, for instance, can provide children with an opportunity to pretend to be an otter, a fish, or mermaid. Likewise, a roller coaster ride can mimic the experience of a bird in flight or a giraffe reaching up to the treetops.  


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