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Why Preferred Vendor Lists Make Wedding Planning Easier

A big part of planning a wedding is finding the people you want helping you make your dream come true. It’s like drafting a fantasy team of the best wedding vendors that will cater to your wants and needs.


Most venues will have a preferred wedding vendor list compiled from glowing reviews and a great relationship with the venue coordinator. Some couples opt to find their own vendors while others stick to the list exclusively. The wedding vendor list is a way for the venue to ease the planning process of the couple by offering various vendors of each category that can satisfy any budget and wedding vision.


Benefits of Wedding Vendor Lists

The venue wants its clients to receive the best service possible. The vendors on the list are those that have been out to the venue lots of times and have always delivered with outstanding professionalism. When something goes wrong on the day of the wedding, the couple and their guests have that bad memory associated with the venue. Venues don’t want to damage their reputation by recommending a caterer that will show up over an hour late.


It saves you a lot of time from googling “who is the best DJ in my area?” if you choose a vendor on the preferred vendor list, getting rid of decision fatigue. You won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to give them a tour of your venue’s kitchen or grounds. The pastry shop from the list will already know how big the fridge space is so they’ll make sure to deliver your cake in 3 separate boxes, so it fits without any difficulty.


The vendors will also be familiar with the rules of the venue. It makes it a lot easier when you wonder if you can have a drone on-site for your wedding video. Rather than going back and forth between the venue coordinator and the videographer, the vendor will tell you that a drone is allowed, but only in certain areas.

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Questions to Ask at a Wedding Venue

A lot of wedding vendors will offer you a discounted rate for booking at a venue in which they are on the preferred wedding vendor list. This is because it gives them peace of mind that they have worked at that venue before and they like the space, and they have a working relationship with the venue coordinator.


Choosing wedding vendors from the preferred wedding vendor list is ultimately up to you. However, it does take off a lot of stress in the planning process when you hire a vendor that is well-versed with the space and rules of the venue. Regardless of which vendor you choose, make sure there is a lot of communication between your vendors and your venue. After all, you’re all on the same dream team.


Tanganyika’s Wedding Vendor List

Here at Tanganyika, we have a preferred vendor list when you book your wedding with us. We also have multiple indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces to accommodate weddings of all sizes. With multiple packages that are tailored to each couple’s budget, we can worth with you to create the wedding of your dreams.


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About the Author: Connie Sarinana is the Events Coordinator at TWP. Born and raised in Iowa, she studied Animal Ecology, Spanish, and Event Management at Iowa State University. Her passion for helping wildlife starting out young, as she would always ask to go to the zoo as soon as learned what the word meant. When she’s not planning a wedding or a corporate event, she enjoys cuddling with her dog and trying to convince her husband to let her get a pet snake. 

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