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The Most Magical Christmas Light Show in Kansas | Tanganyika Wildlife Park

This winter, Tanganyika Wildlife Park presents the first annual Safari of Lights! Without a doubt, it will be the longest, tallest, most sophisticated drive-thru light show extravaganza that Wichita has ever experienced – and we want you to be there to start the tradition with us.

From the mastermind of Botanica’s Illuminations and presented by Interstate Batteries, Safari of Lights will feature the longest RGB LED animated tunnel of colorful lights, the tallest animated Christmas tree in Wichita, and over 150,000 lights meaning this event will not let you down!

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When and where will this take place?

If you are wondering where to see Christmas lights in Kansas this year, look no further.

Beginning December 4th and lasting until January 2nd, you will have the opportunity to see the light spectacular for yourself from 5:30-8:30 pm with extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights right here at Tanganyika!

*We will not be open on Christmas or Christmas Eve to allow our employees time with their families.

Located right outside of Wichita, this is the perfect place to not only light up the night with an overwhelming amount of well-lit animal displays but a great place to see the stars if you have a sunroof. The quiet, safe neighborhood makes for the perfect spot to bring your family Christmas light tradition.

*Entry will be through our service entrance on 183rd St. You will only be able to enter using the Southbound lane coming from Maple St. therefore, we recommend those using Kellogg to go north on 167th St. to Maple and then continue West.

Please see our entrance map:

christmas light directions

Why Visit Safari of Lights?


We know how hard it can be to get the kids off of their phones and into reality these days which is why we have strategically created Safari of Lights to be an experience, and not just something to “drive-by”. With the option to purchase popcorn and hot chocolate at the entrance, the only reason your kids will want to use their phones will be to take photos of the tallest illuminated Christmas tree in town.


With 2021 being the first year of the annual Safari of Lights event, you can make this holiday season the first of many where you see the astonishing lights of Tanganyika Wildlife Park. In addition to witnessing our light show, you will also get the first of our collectible Safari of Lights bumper sticker! Each year the design will be different, giving you something to remember your night by forever and for each year to come.


As a kid, you drove around looking at Christmas lights with your family. You might even remember back to when seatbelts weren’t mandatory and you could climb over your siblings in the car to see out their window too. Why not keep the tradition going (with seat belts, of course) – and bring it to Tanganyika for the longest light show in town?! With nearly an entire mile of illumination, our show will certainly need to be on your list for this year.


Whether it be your first date or your 45th wedding anniversary date, Safari of Lights will not disappoint. Ladies, we know you would much rather slip into your warmest sweatpants and sip hot cocoa in the warmth of your car than spend several hours at a cold outdoor sports game where you need hand warmers in your pockets because you forgot to bring gloves. We know you want to gaze at the beautiful colors of the dazzling lights with your partner more than – well, a lot of things this winter!


Yup, you read that right! Because Safari of Lights is a drive-thru light show, we are encouraging you to bring your furry babies to see the excitement! As part of the family, they deserve to join the holiday festivities too, right? Just remember to keep them inside the car after arriving because we aren’t sure we have much more room for an extra poodle or two.


Do you want to do something to give back this winter? All funds from this month-long event will go towards caring for the animals throughout the winter, so why not enjoy Christmas lights this year while helping a good cause. Caring for animals during the winter when the park is closed is our biggest financial challenge each year. Our annual cost to provide for our hundreds of animals is nearly $600,000, without a penny coming from government funding. That means every car that enters Safari of Lights this year provides about a week’s worth of food (without labor) for one clouded leopard.

So, how much does it cost?

Do you miss going to the drive-in theater and paying by car rather than pricey individual tickets? Well, you’re in luck because for Safari of Lights we will charge a simple $20 per car from Sunday to Thursday and $25 on Friday and Saturday. So, load up, strap in, and prepare for a new holiday tradition that you will be sure to remember forever.


All-in-all, this year’s Safari of Lights is the start of a special holiday tradition and we want to make sure you are there to witness it for yourself. So, grab your spouse, kids, grandkids, doggos, and get the heck into the park this winter for an unforgettable holiday season.

If you would like to reserve an entire night of this event for your party or corporate event, send us an email at events@twpark.com or call us at (316) 794-8954.

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