Black Friday Sale

Tanganyika’s Black Friday Season Pass Sale

Black Friday Sale
Black Friday Sale

Hello, my fellow adventurers! That wonderful time of the year is right around the corner, and with it comes the delightful yet puzzling task of deciding what to gift our loved ones. For many of us, it’s the perfect moment to consider renewing your season passes, allowing you to embrace a year filled with unforgettable experiences. For example, whether it is, meeting our lemurs,  feeding our giraffes, or just taking advantage of the access to Tanginka Falls Splash Park.  

For those new to the Tanganyika family or who have yet to have a lemur on their lap this could be the ideal opportunity to invest in season passes that promise a year full of lorikeets landing on your shoulders and feeling the soft fur of a kangaroo. Fortunately, Tanganyika’s annual Black Friday season pass sale is here to come to the rescue.

Whether you are a new member looking to kick-start your journey with us, a loyal returning TWP Superfan, or someone considering an upgrade on your Tanganyika season pass, now is the moment to seize these fantastic deals. In this blog, we’ll explore the various ways in which a season pass benefits you and those extra special loved ones who possess an insatiable thirst for exploration and adventure.

 A season pass is more than just an entry ticket; it’s a key that unlocks a world of wonders whether it is swimming with the penguins, animal feed or just hanging out with our lemurs. With unlimited access throughout the year, it allows you to embark on more quality time with your family. Imagine the excitement of returning to the park whenever you please, immersing yourself in the magic of our natural world and the wonders it holds. 

But that’s not all; season passes are a gateway to a vibrant and exotic animal community. Whether it is unlimited visits, those extra animal feeds, or exploring our very own splash park. You’ll join our extended Tanganyika family, connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for wildlife, conservation, and adventure. 

The experiences you’ll encounter here will not only create cherished memories but also foster a sense of belonging and togetherness. Now, let’s think about those special loved ones who are always eager to explore and learn. The gift of a season pass can be a profound expression of your love and appreciation. It’s a present that keeps on giving, offering them the chance to connect with nature and observe exotic animals up close. 

It’s an opportunity to nurture their curiosity and inspire a lifelong love for wildlife. Intriguingly, season passes also allow for flexibility. Whether it’s a solo adventure, quality family time, or a fun outing with friends, the passes accommodate a variety of experiences.  Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Black Friday season pass and ensure that the coming year is filled with unforgettable moments, so let’s dive into what you can expect with these passes.

What You Get With the Tanganyika Season Pass


black Friday season pass
Feed giraffe every visit with your Silver or Gold

The Tanganyika season pass is your passport to a year of adventure and discovery, ensuring you never run out of exciting experiences to share with your family and friends. Whether you’re a new member, a loyal adventurer, or contemplating an upgrade, the Black Friday season pass sale is here to provide you with extraordinary savings. So let’s talk about some things you can receive with the Tanganyika season pass.


With the Tanganyika season passing, the benefits are truly endless. Starting with the 

  • Basic Pass at just $24.99 – during the annual Black Friday Sale, you gain a $119 value.
    • Unlimited visits all season
    • Access to the thrilling Tanganyika Falls splash park,
    • A variety of enticing park discounts throughout the park.


  • Silver Pass at just $97.99 –those who seek even more adventure, during the Black Friday season pass sale, offers a remarkable value of $425,
    • our extra one-time admission passe
    • unlimited visits
    • Tanganyika Falls splash park access,
    • five animal feedings per visit
    • exclusive perks like a $10 discount on experiences


  • Gold Pass at just $249.99during the Black Friday season pass sale, elevates your experience to a new level with a staggering value of $940
    • a guest pass for every visit
    • unlimited visits all season
    • access to the thrilling Tanganyika Falls splash park,
    • unlimited animal feedings
    • Bonus $100 gift card, and exclusive privileges such as early entry, free souvenir T-shirts, and access to exclusive winter activities


Don’t miss out on the incredible black Friday season pass sale in Wichita, KS. As an annual Black Friday Sale bonus, every $200 spent earns you a $50 gift card, making the Tanganyika season pass an ideal gift for yourself and your loved ones, ensuring a year filled with adventure, exploration, and cherished memories. Celebrate the joy of exploration and the creation of memories this holiday season with Tanganyika Wildlife Park where the gift gets wild.

For more Tanganyika action, buy your season pass today.

A Look at the Best Black Friday Deals Wichita KS Residents Get With Tanganyika

Wichita, KS residents, let’s dive deeper into the treasure trove of Black Friday deals right here in our city, made even more special with the Tanganyika season pass. Living in Wichita, KS has its perks, and one of them is having access to the incredible annual Black Friday sale at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. As local residents, you have the privilege of making the most of this exceptional Black Friday season pass, designed to cater to the very community it calls home.

The beauty of the Tanganyika season pass lies in the freedom it provides you. With unlimited visits throughout the season, you can pop into the park as often as you like, making it easy to enjoy the wonders of Tanganyika Wildlife Park regularly. Living just a short drive away, you can drop by for a quick escape, a leisurely weekend visit, or spontaneous family outings. No need to plan extensively or schedule in advance – the park is right there, ready to offer you a multitude of adventures whenever you desire.

But what truly makes the Tanganyika season pass the best deal for black Friday

black Friday deals Wichita KS
Get extra gift cards to do animal experiences when you buy during the Black Friday Sale

Wichita KS residents is the opportunity to become an integral part of the park’s vibrant community. By connecting with the natural world, you forge a bond with like-minded individuals who share your passion for wildlife, conservation, and thrilling experiences. Additionally, frequent visits enable you to stay updated with the park’s ever-changing events, wildlife encounters, and educational programs. 

You can witness the beauty of each season, from spring’s budding new life to summer’s lively festivities, and the cozy charm of winter, all at your leisure. Seize this exceptional Black Friday season pass sale as an opportunity to celebrate your local identity and embrace the joy of being.

A frequent visitor to Tanganyika Wildlife Park, where adventure and exploration await right in your backyard. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the magic of the wild, to create cherished memories, and to share them with your friends and family.

Don’t miss out on these exclusive Black Friday deals Wichita KS has in store for you during the annual Black Friday sale. Secure your Tanganyika season pass now and embark on a year filled with unforgettable moments, discoveries, and the sheer delight of living close to such an extraordinary wildlife park. Join us in making every visit an adventure, and let’s explore the beauty of our local treasure together.

Get Your Black Friday Season Pass With Tanganyika

As the holiday season approaches in Wichita, KS, there’s no better time to give the gift of adventure and unforgettable memories than during the Black Friday season pass sale. The Tanganyika season pass, coupled with the incredible Black Friday deals available during the annual Black Friday Sale

Is your ticket to a year filled with excitement, discovery, and cherished moments. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to the world of wildlife exploration, these savings are an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Tanganyika season pass
Lemurs are one of the animals you can feed with your Silver and Gold Season Pass

By choosing the Basic, Silver, or Gold Pass, you’re not only gaining access to Tanganyika Wildlife Park but also to a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for nature, conservation, and thrilling experiences whether it our splash park, an animal feed or just swimming with our penguins.  

With each pass, you’re investing in a year of exploration, offering you and your loved ones the chance to immerse yourselves in the natural world, connect with exotic animals, ignite the spark of curiosity, and just disconnect from day-to-day life. The benefits extend beyond park visits; you’ll enjoy exclusive perks, discounts, and freebies that make your journey even more special from our wild Wednesday to our free admission to our ZAA zoos.

Moreover, the Black Friday bonus of a $50 gift card for every $200 spent sweetens the deal, allowing you to enhance your adventure with even more fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime, explore the best Black Friday deals Wichita, KS 

Has to offer and join us in celebrating the joy of exploration and the creation of enduring memories this holiday season. Gift yourself and your loved ones the thrill of adventure with the Tanganyika season pass – an investment in moments that will become treasured stories for years to come. Get your pass now and embark on a journey of a lifetime!


For more on Tanganyika Season Passes, read our blog and buy your pass now.  

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