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Tanganyika Wins 2021 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards®

Award-winning Wedding Venue in Wichita: Get Married with the Wildlife at Tanganyika

Celebrating love is a wild ride. We were honored to receive WeddingWire’s 2021 Couples’ Choice Award for the eighth year in a row! WeddingWire is a platform that connects engaged couples with local wedding professionals which awarded us not only because of our animal-filled venue either. We’re dedicated to quality service and professionalism with the couples who celebrate with us.

 Our Events Manager expressed her excitement, “We are so honored to win the Couple’s Choice award for the 8th year! Couples say it’s our beautiful landscapes, helpful staff, and animal visitors that set us apart, but we know it’s our brides and grooms that make the weddings here so special! Thank you again, Wichita, for choosing us in what has become a very heart-warming legacy.”

Tanganyika Wildlife Park has been an award wedding venue by 

Why Tanganyika is the best venue in Wichita

Our wildlife park is the highest rated venue in the Wichita area for a reason. Beyond our beautiful landscapes, we offer multiple options that fit a couple’s needs and budget. Tanganyika also knows the value of a good wedding photo backdrop. Because of our unique terrains and animals, your photos will be memorable. We love customizing a package to fit specific visions for one of the most magical days of your life. 

Our wildlife park is highest rated for a reason from our beautiful landscapes to multiple options. 

Beautiful Landscapes 

At the Wildlife Park, there are multiple locations that the wedding party can get married in. Here are the different wedding ceremony locations that might be the right fit for you:

  • Giraffe Deck – It overlooks the giraffe yard with outlets and the bride and groom can feed the giraffe’s with a beautiful sunset view. The maximum capacity is 30 guests. 

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  • Lemur Island – An intimate ceremony with only the couple, officiant, and photographer on the island during the ceremony. Lemur feedings for bride and groom can make an extraordinary picture. The maximum capacity is 30 guests. 
  • Manyara Garden – A cobblestone aisle with a beautiful botanic backdrop and outlets. Pergola can be dressed up to fit any ceremony. The maximum capacity is 200 guests. 

  • Tanganyika Waterfall – An amazing sunset view overlooking a small garden pond with a beautiful botanic backdrop. The maximum capacity is 20 guests. 
  • Troublemaker’s Cove – Two options are available for this specific location:
    • The first one provides a maximum capacity of 20 guests either standing or 10 guests seated. 
    • The second one provides a conjunction with a penguin swim for the couple and officiant
  • Kangaroo Walkabout – An amazing evening ceremony location with the ceremonies starting no earlier than 6 p.m. Guests may pet kangaroos. The maximum capacity is 100 guests. 

Animal Ambassadors

Tanganyika Wildlife Park knows the value of a good wedding photo so you can take pictures with a sloth, penguin, giraffe and so many more! Tanganyika Wildlife Park has been nominated best venue in wichita for many reasons. One of them being that we have amazing locations for wedding pictures and incredible animal ambassadors.They are here to make your wedding pictures even more wildly different than any other bridal trends

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We have multiple options of locations for your wedding

If you want to know everything that Tanganyika has to offer, you are in the right place. Not only do we offer amazing ceremony locations, we offer incredible wedding receptions locations: 

  • Serengeti – The indoor venue provides an elevated ceiling with color matching lighting, A/V equipment including a high-resolution projector and fantastic views of the park and exhibits. It also has a wet kitchen for caterers of your choosing and a dedicated serving area. The maximum capacity is up to 350 seated guests. 
  • Seronera – The floor to ceiling windows feature a giraffe exhibit to this venue option with one-way windows and customizable smart lights dim and color match. Including a wet kitchen feature for caterers of your choice. The maximum capacity is up to 100 guests. 
  • Manyara – This beautiful view of the Manyara Garden venue features A/V equipment including a smart TV and built-in speakers. Including a wet kitchen feature for caterers of your choice. The maximum capacity is up to 75 guests. 


Meet our Events Manager!

Ashlee is the events manager here at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. She caters to each wedding based on what the individual bride or her party needs. 

Here are some of the basic tasks she accomplished for weddings: 

  • Individualized in-person meetings about the wedding- no limit
  • Wedding party can call me or email me anytime
  • Ashlee will make a rough draft of the timeline then help them make a final timeline
  • Help them make a layout 
  • Order linens cause they get a linen credit with us 
  • She will assist with the bar and get everything set up – if they choose to use the bar with us
  • Help the bride pick and set up the ambassadors 
  • Run and organize the rehearsal 
  • She will help day of with questions, timeline, ceremony, photos in the park, ambassadors, bar, vendors, and major issues, 
  • Ashlee is not a replacement for a coordinator but I am half coordinator
  • Assist with engagement photos 
  • Ashlee is there if you have any questions or concerns the vendors have before the wedding
  • Set up and tear down all the tables and chairs

We’ll take care of you! 

At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, your wedding will be in the good hands of our events manager! Ashlee is going to be there every step of the process! What is the process you might ask? 

  1. After the wedding party signs the contract and puts down their deposit with Hanna, they talk with Ashlee. Once the contract has reached Ashlee, she will personally email them to the wedding party and try to set up a day to have an initial meeting with them. She will talk to them about their package options and some key details about it. 
  2. During the process, the events team will help them with the timeline including bar planning, any vendor help they need such as who to go to, ambassador planning, scheduling with photos in the park, linens and layout of the room. Each person is allowed to meet/talk with Ashlee as many times as they need. 
  3. More weddings want a better guest experience- more things for their guests to experience, more personalized while saving money on weddings so instead of buying things renting them is a better option. 

Having your wedding at Tanganyika Wildlife Park will be a stress load off your shoulders, from things to do for your guests such as visiting the park to making you big day wildly different with outdoorsy scenic wedding, packages and adds ons to fit any budget and style, in house bar and bartenders, unique pictures with animals, venue close to hotels and in a central location, great relationship with vendors, and flexible and friendly always looking out for the wedding party.

Your money does a world of good, too. Your wedding directly contributes to supporting some of the rarest species in the world!

5 tips for a Tanganyika wedding

While looking at unique venues ideas can be a daunting task. Here are the 5 tips our Tanganyika Wedding Team has for you, in order to have the most memorable wedding of your life at the best venue in Wichita!

Tip 1: Add-on park access – When hosting a Tanganyika wedding, you can add on a park access with or without animal feedings to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail hour. 

Tip 2: Add-on animal ambassador –  Unique wedding idea is that when you host at Tanganyika, you can have animal ambassadors! Guests can take pictures with and touch while bringing in unforgettable wow moments to your wedding. 

Tip 3: Take advantage of animal photos at encounter stations – Throughout your Tanganyika wedding make sure you get tons of animal photos at our encounter station and pose for both the bride and groom which are included in the top two packages.  

Tip 4: Take advantage of vendors – At a Tanganyika Wedding you can get vendors who work with Tanganyika Wildlife Park which are on our preferred vendors page. 

Tip 5: Take advantage of our event coordinator – One of the things that make Tanganyika Wildlife Park the best venue for wichita zoo weddings is that you can get an event coordinator to fit all of the wedding needs. 

Looking for an unforgettable bridal shower or wedding venue? We would love to talk to you about our variety of options.

Let Tanganyika win your couples’ choice award

Tanganyika Wildlife Park has been in the couples’ choice award because we want to make your wedding as magical as possible and have you carry less of the stress. So don’t wait to look at what we can offer for your wedding.

Book a 20 minute call with our wedding specialist!

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