Tanganyika’s Breeding Program Sustains the Clouded Leopard

The Clouded Leopard is a beautiful animal that has faced increasing attacks from poachers in its native habitats in Asia. Currently, as few as 10,000 clouded leopards exist in the wild, leaving the species critically endangered. At Tanganyika Wildlife Park, we organized a thriving leopard breeding program to save and sustain these rare animals.

Decades of Dedication to Clouded Leopards

Since the 1980s, the Tanganyika Wildlife Park has been fortunate to have clouded leopards, including a male leopard and female leopard.

Over the years, we worked to breed clouded leopards, and in 2009, our efforts paid off with the birth of the first clouded leopard at our park.

You may wonder why it took nearly two decades to successfully breed clouded leopards. In practice, encouraging captive clouded leopards to breed is challenging. Over the years, we have mastered the subtle art of nurturing pair bonds between male and female clouded leopards. Our persistence and patience have paid off in a rapidly accelerating breeding program. Since 2009, we have bred 98 clouded leopards, making Tanganyika the largest clouded leopard breeding program, and offering a significant contribution to the world’s clouded leopard population.

Book Your Visit Today

We invite you to visit Tanganyika Wildlife Park and see the clouded leopards for yourself. Many of the 13 clouded leopards at Tanganyika are available for public viewing.


Please save the date August 4th, which is Clouded Leopard Day. What better day to visit? Come with your family and share the experience. The cost of admission to Tanganyika Wildlife Park helps to finance crucial programs, including our clouded leopard breeding program.


Tickets and passes to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park are available online. Book a season pass to enjoy the park throughout the summer, including Clouded Leopard Day.

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