Tanganyika Falls Splash Park

Tanganyika Falls Splash Park: Above and Beyond

Relax splashside at Tanganyika Falls Splash Park. We have gone above and beyond to exceed all State standards for aquatic facilities. Reserve your visit now.

Exceeding Standards

When Tanganyika opened as a zoo in 2008, they were required to be permitted by the USDA to exhibit exotic animals like giraffes and tigers. The USDA sets forth the minimum regulations and standards for animal care. The Fouts family didn’t want to settle for the minimum, so they’ve pursued excellence over the course of the last 14 years. First by achieving accreditation through the Zoological Association of America (ZAA) and second being the first zoo in Kansas to be Humane Certified by the American Humane Association (AHA).


With the addition of Tanganyika Falls Splash Park, the team also knew they wanted to exceed the state regulations (Sedgwick County does not have any codes). They turned to CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code guidelines to exceed those standards. Come see it in person!


We also wanted to exceed expectations of what a “splash pad” would look like. We wanted more than just a few fountains in concrete, we wanted a water playground, that combined a water park and a splash pad together. We know there are a lot of things to do in Wichita but we wanted to build a destination of fun! That’s when the Tanganyika water park was born to Tanganyika Falls Splash Park.


Splash Park Safety

Below is a shortlist of ways we went above and beyond to provide a safe environment:

  • UL Certified Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Secondary Disinfection System runs 24/7 along with the filtration and chlorination systems. This system works in conjunction with our mechanical and chemical filtration to further sanitize the water. 

  • Upgraded automated chemical controller for 24/7 data logging, remote monitoring, and push notifications for alarm conditions. This fully automatic system continually samples the water (multiple times/second) to monitor the system’s ability to kill water-borne pathogens. In addition, we have a safety interlock system, so if the water isn’t within specific parameters (ORP, pH, filtration rate), the features in the splash park will shut down until the water moves back within our ideal range. This proactive system ensures that we can’t turn on the features at the splash park if the water is not within our acceptable range.  

  • Increasing the number of certified Aquatic Facility Operators (AFO) Considered the premier certification program in aquatic operations, the AFO program provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date training for pool operators and includes information on water chemistry, disinfection, mechanical systems, operations, healthy water systems, and safety. 

  • Ensuring our system and procedures were audited and tested by an independent Certified Pool Operator, we hired an independent engineering firm to certify that the system “as-built” complies with state code and the original, approved engineering drawings.

  • Abundantly displayed signage reminding guests of their duty to shower, maintain proper diaper hygiene for infants, and use only approved footwear inside the splash park.


State of the art pump house

Tanganyika Splash Park = Fun in the Sun

Are you tired of lugging a backpack full of snacks and kid supplies in the 90-degree Kansas summer? We know because we’re parents too. After darting from rhinos to giraffes, to lemurs, and back to zebras, we also know that most parents want to sit down and take a break. Yeah….us too.


That’s how the idea behind Tanganyika Falls was born, giving parents the time to relax, get kids tuckered out, and make memories that their kids will be talking about to their kids. If you haven’t seen the Tanganyika splash park in real life, most people are in awe the first time. They’re envisioning most splash parks they’ve seen before with a few water foundations bubbling out of the concrete, some dripping arches, and a few small dump buckets.


Tanganyika Falls Splash Park is a multilevel water park play structure with the world’s tallest spitting giraffe named Jordy, waterfalls, an alligator slide designed after Luna, our albino alligator, three slides, water guns, a palm tree waterfall, dancing fountains, and more. You can easily spend all day at Tanganyika Falls, but you still have the entire zoo to explore.

We also didn’t forget the parents. There’s plenty of shade, the Thirsty Sloth Bar, changing rooms, and plenty of places to relax and unwind.


The safety of our guests is of the utmost importance, and Tanganyika wants to do what it can to ensure a fun and safe environment for kids (and adults) to get wet and cool off. What are you waiting for? Reserve your time for fun in the sun today! 

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