TWP penguin swim

Swimming With the Penguins at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Penguins are a perennial favorite for visitors of all ages in Tanganyika Wildlife Park. We are pleased to offer the unique opportunity to swim with and even touch our African penguins under the guidance of our trainer.


African penguins stand a little over two feet tall and have a pattern of spots that is as unique to each bird as fingerprints are to humans. They are social animals and, unlike most penguins, can live in warm temperatures so that the swimming experience can take place in a pleasantly warm pool.


African penguins are an endangered species due to a loss of food in their natural habitat. Our resident penguins will preserve the species and help them to increase their numbers. The cost of $200 contributes to the care and feeding of our animals, including our penguins. 


The exhibit has enthralled park visitors for over a decade. Reviewers on the travel site TripAdvisor called the experience “amazing” and “worth every penny.” Children and animal lovers of all ages will love the encounter. You’ll have the chance to take photos with the penguins so that you will have a memento of a special day.


Children ages nine and above can swim with penguins without an adult. Seven- and eight-year-olds can swim with the penguins together with an adult swimmer.


Don’t miss out on this exciting event. Enjoy the summer sunshine and the warm water in a unique and wondrous way. Our paddle-with-the-penguins event runs from May to October, not including the days when the zoo is closed for special events. The park’s opening and closing times change throughout the year, so check our calendar before booking. Space for this event is limited, so you will need a reservation to swim with the penguins. Book your experience today!

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