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Sloth Fun Facts: Where to Meet Sloths and Learn More About These Animals

Do you love animals? Do you want to learn more about sloths? If so, then this Sloth Fun Facts is the blog for you! 

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything sloth-related. We’ll talk about where to meet these animals, why they are slow, and much more. We hope that you enjoy our blog and it helps you learn more about these wonderful creatures!

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Meet a Sloth at a Kansas Zoo
Meet a Sloth at a Kansas Zoo

Sloths fun facts, why are sloths slow? and much more about this popular animal

  1. Why are sloths so slow?

Sloths are slow-moving animals because of their low levels of energy. They have very sluggish metabolisms which contribute to their limited range with speeds being only about 1.5 miles per hour!

  1. How do sloths protect themselves?

Sloths protect themselves by using camouflage. Their hair is a host to many microorganisms and it becomes green like tree bark. 

They also use their slow movements to conserve energy and blend in with the trees, becoming less noticeable to predators. 

Another way sloths protect themselves is with their claws. When threatened, they can rely on their curved and sharp claws to defend themselves! 

Fact: Sloths’ claws can grow up to 4 inches(10 cm) long.

  1. Are sloths endangered?

Sloths are unfortunately an at-risk species. The sloth populations are entirely dependent on the tropical forests of Central and South America and deforestation is greatly contributing to their endangerment. 

The most endangered sloths are the Pygmy Sloth (Bradypus pygmaeus), and the Maned Sloth (Bradypus torquatus).

  1. What do sloths eat?

Trees provide them with all their food needs such as leaves, fruits, and insects. 

  1. Do sloths have tails?

The three-toed sloth has a short, stubby tail. They use their tails to dig into the ground before they poop. (Very resourceful creatures aren’t they?)

Another interesting fact is that their cervical and lumbar vertebrae are not fused, giving a sloth the ability to rotate its head nearly 270 degrees.

  1. Who is the most famous sloth?

There is a very well-known and famous sloth named ‘Mira’ – the world’s most famous baby sloth.

Her name is inspired by the word miracle as she was found on a forest trail only a few hours old with her umbilical cord still attached. She was thankfully rescued by a passerby and taken to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. 

Mira is now doing very well for herself and is the mascot of the ‘Save Our Sloths’ fundraising campaign by The Sloth Conservation Foundation.

  1. Is there a World Sloth Day?

Sloths also have their own Sloth International Day: October 20th. A day to raise awareness, educate, and celebrate these sweet and quiet creatures that are so important to tropical ecosystems!

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Meet a Sloth Experience at Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Meet and Touch a Sloth at Tanganyika Wildlife Park, a boutique zoo in Wichita, KS

Sloth Encounters Near Me – A Kansas Sloth Encounter

This is the story of Kristina Light, a Kansas mom, who took her whole family to a Sloth Encounter in Wichita, Kansas. She wrote about it on KC Parents, an online magazine for Kansas City parents looking for family activities and parenting information. 

Kristina describes her family as zoo lovers, they have visited more than forty zoos and animal attractions. When they learned that Wichita was home to one of the few unique places in the US where you can swim with penguins and have a sloth encounter— they decided to spend a weekend there to enjoy all this boutique zoo has to offer. 

Lucy, her youngest daughter knew exactly what she wanted more than anything: to meet sloths in real life. A sloth lover since she watched Zootopia, at Tanganyika Wildlife Park she was able to feed and spend some time with Chewie, a two-toed male sloth. Chewie or Chewbacca is a very friendly sloth that lives with his girlfriend Molasses and two other sloths named Sydney and Oscar.

If you’re looking for an up-close sloth encounter, look no further than Wichita, Kansas. Kristina Light and her family had a blast meeting Chewie and his friends at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. 

Not only were they able to learn about these animals firsthand, but they also got some amazing photos! So if you’re looking for a fun (and educational) family activity, be sure to check out this blog about Sloth Fun Facts.

Ready for an up-close sloth encounter? Click here to meet Chewie and his friends at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

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