thank you for being a tanganyika hero

Our next Tanganyika Hero spotlight features Katie Carlson and her son, Bryce. Though they love all of the animals at Tanganyika, they are probably our biggest PENGUIN PEOPLE! Bryce did the penguin swim last year and absolutely loved it. They always show so much support at the park as well as spreading love on social media.


Thank you, Katie and Bryce, and their entire family for being Tanganyika Heroes! Let’s get to know them a little bit more… 

Q: How did you first learn about Tanganyika Wildlife Park?

A: We have enjoyed Tanganyika for almost 10 years! We heard it was an interactive, hands-on experience and we were eager to visit. It quickly became one of our favorite places to experience and learn more about animals. Brady (10) Bryce (almost 8) and Beckham (8 months) have all enjoyed visits starting as babies.



Q: How long have you been supporting Tanganyika?

A: As a family, we have visited the park for many years. We always enjoy our visits, but Bryce’s first extra special visit was in 2016 (age four) when he got an early Christmas present from his grandparents for a meet and greet with Beth the penguin. This completely solidified his love for penguins!



Q: What is your favorite Tanganyika animal?

A: Penguins, no doubt! This is always Bryce’s first stop before he does anything else at the park. We also love to feed the giraffes.



Q: What “Tanganyika Secret” do you think more people should know about (ex: The gibbons are usually most talkative around 10-11am)?

A: Bryce says, “People are always surprised to hear I was able to swim with Penguins!” Bryce added, “You can donate old blankets and towels to the baby animals. Last time I visited I saw mine and my brother Brady’s old blanket with baby cats. It was so cute!” “I also want people to know if you ever pet a penguin, you do it with two fingers softly right on their back.”



Q: How many people have you brought with you to Tanganyika?

A: We have enjoyed this park many times as a family and on school field trips. Bryce says, “I spent my 7th birthday swimming with penguins with my dad. My mom, brother Brady, grandma and papa got to watch and spend time at the park with me!”



Q: What do you love most about Tanganyika Wildlife Park?

A: Tanganyika offers so many wonderful behind the scenes encounters! The private interactions are absolutely worth it in both the lasting memories and knowing it supports the park’s animals.  “Tanganyika was also great while I had to stay home because of the coronavirus because they did a virtual connect and preserve day for penguins. I looked forward to this all week. I got to learn more about penguins, have a great and fun time, and got some amazing toys (by purchasing a preservation bag) which helped give back and take good care of my favorite animals. I also got to share interesting facts I know about penguins over Facebook live. My favorite fact about penguins: There is more penguins in the hot climate than cold. I learned this from the zookeeper while swimming with penguins!” – Bryce

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