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Press Release: Tanganyika Wildlife Park: Now All- Inclusive


Tanganyika Wildlife Park: Now All- Inclusive

Goddard, KS, 6/20/2024 – Tanganyika Wildlife Park is wildly different. In March 2025, Tanganyika Wildlife Park will open as an all-inclusive destination. Admission will redefine the previous experience, offering unlimited animal feedings, unlimited food and drink, and more interactive animal experiences than anywhere in the world.

Tanganyika is one of the only places in the world where individuals can swim with African Penguins, and travelers from around the world have been visiting to swim with the colony. 

It was an absolutely amazing experience, and such a good end to my boyfriend and I’s vacation; we got to feed a ton of animals I never would have thought we would get to feed. We did the sloth encounter, penguin meet and greet and feeding, lion cub meet and greet, big cat feeding, guinea pig feeding, lemur feeding, llama feeding, giraffe feeding, tortoise feeding and rabbit feeding. We had an absolute amazing time!” – Tapangia Richardson

Whether it’s feeding a ring-tailed lemur, touching a kangaroo, falling in love with rhinos, or watching a tiger training session, every moment at the park is designed to ignite passion and foster connections with wildlife without fighting crowds and waiting in line.

Sixteen years ago, Tanganyika Wildlife Park began its journey with humble tours in the backyard of the founders Jim and Sherri Fouts’ home. Recognizing the impact of close encounters with animals, TWP opened a zoo with a twist, where people could feed giraffes, lorikeets, and touch kangaroos. However, as they grew, they faced the challenge of balancing their identity as a zoo with their commitment to delivering transformative “wow” moments that truly inspired behavior change that benefited wildlife.

“We aren’t built for volume. Over the last couple years we’ve seen the struggles of our team trying to balance the lines with sharing their passion for the animals. They don’t want to just hand you a piece of lettuce and then push you along so the next guest can get in. They want to introduce you to Kenzie the giraffe, tell you about how she’s a leap year baby. Share with you that she has the same number of vertebrae as you do and her tongue is purple so it doesn’t get sunburned. We want you to fall in love with our animals and we want the time to do that.” LynnLee Schmidt, Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Through the years, they experienced growing pains and self-discovery, much like any teenager finding their place in the world. They added 5 new feeding encounters, opened Tanganyika Falls splash park, and developed over 25 unique animal behind-the-scenes and meet-and-greet experiences. Today, they proudly announce their evolution into the world’s first wildlife destination, pioneering a new era of animal experiences.

To ensure sustainability and uphold the quality of their offerings, they are introducing a revised pricing model. Their All-inclusive admission, Best Day Bundle, Ultimate Weekend package, and season passes provide many different ways to interact with their animals and enjoy their park. Greater Wichita locals will enjoy a 40% local’s discount. 

“Our goal is to make things more simple, more exclusive, and increase the time our guests can spend with the animals.” – Matt Fouts, Director Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Their transition from a traditional zoo model to a destination for animal experiences reflects their commitment to innovation and excellence. By curating a collection of species that align with their resources and mission, they strive to deliver top-notch care while offering unparalleled experiences for their guests. They want to continue to lean in to what makes them unique, being wildly different and put Tanganyika Wildlife Park on the map as a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts worldwide.

They invite everyone to be part of their journey as they embark on this exciting new chapter. Whether one is a longtime supporter or a first-time visitor, there has never been a better time to experience Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Come and discover the magic of their wildlife destination, where every moment is wildly different.

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