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Exploring Penguin Tours at Tanganyika Wildlife Park


Tanganyika Wildlife Park serves as a sanctuary for those passionate about wildlife, offering intimate encounters with some of the planet’s most intriguing species. A highlight of the park is the penguin tours with the African Penguins in Troublemakers Cove—a name that aptly captures the playful spirit of these endearing animals. This special area encourages visitors to witness the penguins’ mischief and antics firsthand.

penguin encounters
Couple posing with one of our penguins in the encounter

We believe that connecting with wildlife is about more than just watching; it’s about creating meaningful interactions that offer insights into the lives of these remarkable creatures and supporting global conservation efforts.

To this end, the park provides three unique penguin activities: feeding, meet and greets, and swimming sessions. Each activity is designed to bring you face-to-face with the penguins, offering unparalleled opportunities to get close—so close that you could count the spots on a penguin’s belly.

These encounters are crafted to be both educational and deeply memorable, allowing guests to interact with the penguins in ways they never imagined.

In this blog, we’ll explore the variety of penguin tours available at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in more detail. Our goal is to offer wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists alike a deeper understanding of these unique opportunities to connect with charming and playful penguins.

What You Need To Know About Penguin Petting, Plus Other Interesting Facts About Our Penguins

Feed a penguin

Begin your adventure by gaining insights into the nutritional needs and habits of these charming birds. Learn about the sustainable practices employed to ensure their well-being and discover the delicate balance that underlies their dietary requirements.penguin experience

Guided by the expertise of our dedicated penguin keepers, you’ll have the unique opportunity to feed our penguins yourself. Participate in the feeding process with an array of fish carefully selected to meet their dietary needs.

Immerse yourself in the experience of tallying the quantity consumed, understanding the specific nutritional needs of individual penguins, and appreciating the meticulous planning that goes into every meal.

But it’s not just about the science; it’s about forming connections. During the feeding session, you’ll become acquainted with the individual names and distinct personalities of our penguin residents. This personal touch not only enhances your understanding of these animals but also fosters a sense of connection and responsibility toward their well-being.

Penguin meet and greet

Beyond the traditional zoo experience, our park offers a unique opportunity – penguin petting

For those seeking a more personal connection with our feathered friends, the meet-and-greet experience offers an intimate experience with these charming creatures.

This tour is a celebration of personal connections, allowing visitors to interact, pet, and truly understand the nuances of our penguins’ personalities.

penguin petting
small child posing with a penguin in the habit

Our expert keepers will share stories of the quirks and behaviors of each penguin you meet. From the curious explorers to the more reserved observers, each penguin displays a distinct personality waiting to be discovered. 

During the meet and greet, you will have the chance to pet and interact with the penguins while learning about their habits, preferences, and the efforts taken to create a nurturing environment that mimics their natural habitats. Rest assured, our staff is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for both visitors and penguins.

Did you know that African penguins are native to the southern coasts of Africa? These penguins primarily inhabit regions where snow and ice are rarely encountered in their natural environment.

Guests can use different cat toys, such as cat wands, feathers, or even a bubble machine, to play with our penguins as it captures their attention. The meet and greet becomes a space for unforgettable moments.

Whether it’s the velvety touch of penguin feathers or the joyous sounds of their calls, every second is an opportunity to build a connection and appreciate the wonder of these charming creatures. 

What to expect for the penguin experience and similar experiences

No need to overthink your outfit; however, we want to ensure you’re fully prepared to make the most of your experiences at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

We recommend wearing your comfiest clothes. Closed-toe shoes are a must to ensure your safety and comfort as you navigate the various encounters.

Don’t forget to bring along your camera or smartphone – you’ll undoubtedly want to capture the magic of your encounter with these delightful creatures. The moments spent feeding, petting, or swimming with penguins are truly special, and having photographic mementos ensures that you can relive the moments long after your visit.

For those who have already immersed themselves in the world of penguins and want more animal encounters, don’t worry—Tanganyika offers a variety of alternative experiences to satisfy your curiosity.

Venture into the world of five diverse animals, including porcupines, owl monkeys, otters, and small cats. Each encounter promises a unique glimpse into the lives of our animals, adding a layer of variety to your wildlife exploration.

So, dress comfortably, and don’t leave your camera behind. The different experiences at Tanganyika Wildlife Park are not just about observation; they’re about active participation and creating lasting memories, and we want you to be fully equipped for this adventure into the world of our animal residents.

Other facts about our African penguins

Did you know the biggest reason for the decline in African Penguins is because of humans? With just 10,000 breeding pairs left, African Penguins could be extinct in the wild by 2035 if the population continues to decline. 

At the core of each penguin tour is Tanganyika’s unwavering commitment to preservation. The park supports the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, a facility in South Africa that rehabilitates and rehomes African Penguins and other seabirds.

Tanganyika collaborates with numerous zoos throughout the United States to support their colonies and breeding initiatives. Our exceptional genetics are poised to contribute significantly to the breeding pool, ensuring a lasting impact for generations ahead.

These penguin tours are educational, providing guests with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by penguins in the wild. The park prioritizes environmental sustainability, showcasing the connection between wildlife conservation and responsible tourism.

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How To Swim With Penguins at Tanganyika

For the adventurous at heart, Tanganyika Wildlife Park offers the ultimate penguin encounter: swimming with penguins. This unique penguin experience offers visitors a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of these charming birds, exploring their aquatic grace and playful antics.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is the only place in the United States that allows you to enter the water with the penguins for 30 minutes under the supervision of a keeper. The first step toward realizing your dream of swimming with penguins is to book a ‘Swim with Penguins‘ experience. These tours are often in high demand, so it’s advisable to plan and secure your spot for a day of unforgettable aquatic fun.

It’s essential to understand what the penguin swim entails. The park provides participants with wetsuits, serving as a protective barrier, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water. Participants should be in good health and possess a basic level of swimming proficiency to enjoy this thrilling

swim with peguins
A girl and her mother swimming with a penguin


As social animals, penguins will eagerly show you their playful side. The penguins will dive around you, play with toys, and sometimes even float in your hand. Not only will you be able to swim and play with penguins, but you’ll also engage in penguin petting as well.

African Penguins have modified wings resembling flippers, enabling them to be efficient swimmers. They have a thick coat with overlapping feathers that assist with waterproofing, wind resistance, and insulation.

Understanding the importance of capturing this moment, we will have a designated team member available to take photos with your phone during the swim.

The penguin swim at Tanganyika Wildlife Park is not only fun but also educational. The keepers may share insights into the behavior, adaptations, and lifestyle of the penguins, enriching your understanding of these fascinating creatures.

While you revel in the joy of swimming with penguins, guides may discuss the importance of penguin conservation. Conversations may revolve around the challenges penguins face in the wild and the role each individual can play in supporting global conservation efforts.

Swimming with penguins is just one part of the penguin tours at Tanganyika. Every aspect of the penguin swim experience contributes to an unforgettable encounter with these remarkable birds.

Get Unforgettable Penguin Tours at Tanganyika

Whether you find yourself feeding penguins, petting them, or even swimming alongside them, the experiences at Tanganyika Wildlife Park go beyond entertainment. From educational and interactive penguin tours to exhilarating feeding and swimming experiences, your adventure starts here. 

Your journey begins with a variety of ticket options, allowing you to tailor your visit to your preferences. Opt for a single-day pass, which includes unlimited feedings, and unlock a day filled with unforgettable moments.Penguin tours

Moreover, purchasing tickets online not only saves you $5 but also streamlines your entry into the park. By choosing Tanganyika, you contribute directly to our ongoing conservation efforts and the welfare of our animals.

Each tour is designed to showcase our unwavering dedication to environmental care and conservation. Whether participating in a feeding tour, enjoying a close encounter during petting sessions, or swimming with penguins, every experience emphasizes our commitment to fostering a deep understanding and love for these remarkable birds.

At Tanganyika, our goal extends beyond being a mere attraction. We are committed to animal preservation, environmental awareness, and education. Your ticket purchase supports these admirable endeavors, enhancing your experience with our park’s residents. Entering Tanganyika Wildlife Park is an exploration journey, a step towards camaraderie, and a dedication to preserving the rare species of our world.

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