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Meet a Penguin: What You Need to Know

Penguins are one of the most beloved creatures on the planet. Who can resist their tuxedo-like appearance and waddling walk? If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and personal with a penguin, now’s your chance! Join us for a Penguin Encounter at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. During this program, you’ll have the opportunity to touch, take photos, and participate in a little play session.

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African Penguin At Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Where can I meet a penguin?


Who would have guessed you could encounter a penguin in Kansas?


Right in Wichita, Kansas, is Tanganyika Wildlife Park, a boutique zoo where you can participate in an extraordinary experience: a 30-minute encounter with a penguin! Tanganyika is the home of an African Penguin colony with more than 30 penguins. African penguins are from the southwestern coast of Africa from Namibia to Port Elizabeth. They are considered an endangered species due to various factors, such as habitat degradation, oil spills, and prey shortages resulting from overfishing.


You’ll walk away with a new appreciation for these fantastic creatures. So what are you waiting for? Click here to meet a penguin today!


Meet a Penguin at Tanganyika Wildlife Park


Meeting a penguin at Tanganyika means that you will have the chance to pet, take photographs, and perform in a little play session. 


During your penguin encounter, you’ll learn more about their personal history, how we care for them, and our conservation initiatives. Like the one we have with the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, where we teamed up to help rehabilitate and rehome African Penguins in South Africa.


Tanganyika Wildlife Park also collaborates with several zoos across the United States to assist with their colonies and breeding initiatives. We’ve also developed unique strains that can help the breeding pool for years to come through a successful fertility program


All of these initiatives are supported by your participation in this program.

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Baby Penguins Born At Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Can I touch a penguin?


Of course! What’s the point of meeting a penguin if you can’t pet them? With the trainer’s guidance, you’ll also have a chance to touch the bird’s dense, waterproof feathers, which allow them to “fly” underwater and stay warm where it’s cold!


You can even take photos beside them to capture the moment forever. And don’t worry – our staff will be on hand to ensure everyone stays safe. So go ahead and pet away!


Penguin lover or not, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Click here to book your Penguin Encounter today!


What should I wear for a penguin encounter?


There’s no need to dress up for your encounter with a penguin, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet. Penguins love to play, so you may end up getting splashed! We also recommend wearing closed-toe shoes for your own safety. Other than that, just come ready to have a good time.


We recommend bringing a camera to document your encounter with a penguin! Other than that, just come ready to have a good time. 

Feed a Penguin Touch a Penguin Penguin Encounter
Hand Feed a Penguin at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Can I feed a Penguin?


At Tanganyika Wildlife Park African penguin exhibit, you can see the colony splash, have fun, and even hand feed them. With the help of the penguin keepers, you will learn how to handle their food, feed them with fish, count how many they ate, and even learn their names.


If you are a penguin fanatic, there is more: you can go into the water with them! A once-in-a-lifetime 30 minutes experience where you can dive and swim with penguins.


Penguins may seem like they’re from a far-off place. Still, you can meet one up close and personal at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. And no, you don’t need to pack your snow gear – these penguins live in sunny Kansas! Just be sure to bring your camera and questions for our friendly feathered friends. 


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