National Zoo Keeper Week – TWP Hoofstock Team

Happy National Zoo Keeper’s Week!

Our keepers are the heart of what we do here at Tanganyika. They work extremely hard every day to ensure that our animals receive top-notch care. We would definitely not be where we are today without their commitment, love, and passion for our animals. The bonds that our keepers and animals have formed is truly remarkable to see. We consistently have visitors who mention how well-cared for and happy our animals look and that is due to our amazing keepers team.

Thank you, keepers. It takes a special person to do what you do. We appreciate you all more than we can express in one week!

Our hoofstock team has a long list of animals in their care, including: bongo, okapi, indian rhinos, red river hogs, grevy’s zebras, dromedary camels, nigerian dwarf goats, pygmy hippos, giraffes, springbok and more.

Here’s a quick look into our awesome hoofstock team…

Hayley Baas

Pictured with Bongo

2 years at Tanganyika | From Ohio

Favorite animals: Giraffes, bongos and red river hogs

Lexie Buchanan

Pictured with Pygmy Hippos 

3 years at Tanganyika | From Kansas

Favorite animals: Indian Rhino, Okapi and Pygmy Hippo 

Eric Olson

Pictured with dromedary camel

1 year at Tanganyika | From Michigan 

Favorite animals: camel, goat and alpaca

Courtney Van Horne

Pictured with Indian Rhino 

8 months at Tanganyika | From California 

Favorite animals: Indian rhino, okapi, kangaroo 

Nicki Francisco

Pictured with Grevy’s Zebra

1 year at Tanganyika | From New Jersey 

Favorite animals: Grevy’s zebras, kunes and warthogs

Nikki Woods 

Pictured with goats

1 year at Tanganyika | From Kansas

Favorite animals: Goats, zebras and warthogs

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