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Meet Domingo – The Rockstar Hyacinth Macaw

Domingo the Hyacinth Macaw, or “Mingo” as he calls himself, became a member of the Tanganyika Family in September 2018. He was severely neglected and found living in the care of a hoarder with quite a few other birds. He needed a lot of TLC and rehabilitation and thanks to our Expert Keepers, like Keeper Sarah Paese, he is now ready to visit. 2020 marks the first year he has been on exhibit!


His rescue was featured on a national TV Show. The birds from that rescue went to the Columbus Zoo and then were moved on to other facilities once they were deemed healthy enough to do so.


Keeper Sarah Paese has been one of his keepers since January 2019. “Behaviorally, Domingo has come a long way,” Sarah says. “His keepers have worked to build a strong trusting relationship with him. This allows us to do more to ensure we have a happy healthy bird. I can stretch out each wing, feel his keel, and check over his beak and feet. He steps onto scale eagerly and gets a nail trim regularly. He has even been through some flight training!”


Domingo is a social and friendly bird and he enjoys getting attention from our visitors. When he was living behind the scenes, keepers from other departments would stop by to say hi and they would have a fun dance-off. Now with a new macaw exhibit, guests at the park have helped us out with that. He loves when people stop to interact with him – whether they play music and dance with him or just ask him about his day – it’s obvious how much fun he has with people nearby.


Domingo is an absolute sweetheart to those he trusts. He talks to us on slow days – his favorite phrases are “hello,” “come here,” “I love you,” and “peekaboo!” – which can be adorable but creepy if you think you’re in a building alone. He leans in to ask for scratches and melts our hearts every day.


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