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It’s a Girl! Tanganyika Wildlife Park Welcomes a Baby Mandrill

The Tanganyika Wildlife Park conservation team would like to officially announce our latest birth—a baby Mandrill arrived on June 19th, 2021. Our female Mandrill, Iris, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Olympia. Mom and baby are doing well, and Olympia is already starting to explore her new home.


If you visit the Mandrill exhibit in the mornings, you may even see her out and about with Iris. She takes a few tentative steps before clinging to Iris for reassurance, but we know her sweet hesitation won’t be for very long. 


Visit us this weekend to meet the sweet baby—our babies grow up so fast!


A Mandrill Love Story


Mother Mandrill, Iris, is six years old. She has lived at Tanganyika Wildlife Park since November of 2020. She came from the Southwick Zoo to pair with our resident male Mandrill, Demitri, in the interest of conservation.


Demitri has been a fixture under the care of our conservation team since 2015. The impressive animal is one of only seven male Mandrills in the United States, and, at a good age of twelve years, Demitri has fathered four babies. Two of his progeny were born right here at Tanganyika Wildlife Park.


Mandrills are the largest species of monkey, and their colorful faces and unique expressions are easily recognizable. In the wild, African Mandrills may live about twenty years. However, captive Mandrills live much longer, sometimes up to 40 years old, with our protection.


Can You Help With Mandrill Conservation Efforts?


Mandrills are a vulnerable species on the IUCN endangered species list. Habitat loss and poaching have put these beautiful animals in peril. Mandrills are highly sociable animals that live in troops, with a dominant male in charge and close family ties.


Tanganyika Wildlife Park proudly preserves this unique species through our breeding program, and the birth is another step forward in much-needed Mandrill conservation.


Visit us today to contribute to Mandrill conservation efforts through the Tanganyika Wildlife Foundation, and meet our new baby girl!

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