International Zebra Day 2022

International Zebra Day 2022: What Is It and How You Can Celebrate

We all know the unique black and white striped animal that we call the Zebra. But did you know that there is a day that exists just for them? International Zebra Day takes place every year on January 31st and exists for one purpose; to raise conservation efforts for these amazing, yet endangered animals.

For those who don’t know, there is more than just one type of zebra. Three, to be exact!

These three species of zebras include: the Plains Zebra, the Grevy’s Zebra and the Mountain Zebra.

types of zebras

Plains Zebra

The Plains Zebras are the most common type of zebras. They can be found over the grasslands from southern Ethiopia to eastern Africa and as far south as Southern Africa!

Today, the Plains Zebra is in danger of habitat loss and being hunted for their hides and meat from human activities.

Grevy’s Zebra

The Grevy’s Zebra is the largest of the three species. Just like the Plains Zebra, they are commonly found in Ethiopia, however, they can also be found in Kansas at Tanganyika Wildlife Park!

Grevy’s Zebras have suffered one of the most reductions in range of any African mammal. There are many threats for their species including the need to compete for their resources with livestock, poaching for meat and medicinal purposes, disease, and drought.

Mountain Zebra

The Mountain Zebra is native to south west Angola, Namibia, and south west Africa. They commonly live in the mountainous regions in the area making them very hardy. Currently, the Mountain Zebra is listed as “critically endangered” and has come close to extinction in the 20th century.

Their biggest threats, similar to the Plains Zebra, is habitat loss and hunting.

grevy zebra

How You Can Celebrate International Zebra Day

So, how do you celebrate International Zebra Day? A simple way to begin is by spreading the word about these amazing animals through sharing some of these fun facts with your family and friends.

Another great way to celebrate is by visiting the Zebras at TWP! By supporting Tanganyika Wildlife Park, you are also supporting the Grevy’s Zebra Trust. TWP has been a donor and supporter of their mission to conserve and grow the Grevy’s Zebra population in Kenya and will continue to support them along with educating visitors about their species.


Make International Zebra Day a day to educate yourself and your friends on the conservation efforts that are in place to protect these animals and how they can help.


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