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How To Get the Most Out of Your Wildlife Season Pass

Are you tired of the same old routine and looking for a wild adventure for the whole family? Look no further than Tanganyika Wildlife Park! With a wildlife season pass to Tanganyika, you can enjoy unlimited visits to the park all season long and unlock a host of other benefits that are sure to make your experience unforgettable.

This Kansas-based park is the only place where you can feed lorikeets, touch a rhino nose, get stuck in the middle of a lemur stink fight, high 5 an owl monkey, and swim with a penguin. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will make you feel like a VIP and our customers rave about our clean and open facility. The best way to get in on the action is with a wildlife season pass, you can enjoy unlimited visits to the park all season long, as well as a host of other benefits that we’ll explore in more detail below. 

So why not make 2024 the year you and your family experience all the wonders of Tanganyika Wildlife Park?

Wichita Zoo Season Pass: Benefits and How To Make the Most of Them

With three different season passes, including the Silver Pass, Gold Pass, and Unlimited Pass, you can experience all Tanganyika has to offer all season long. Each pass is loaded with amazing benefits, from unlimited visits and animal feedings to access to the Tanganyika Falls splash park and exclusive winter access and activities. 

We’ll break down the benefits of each pass and how to make the most out of them. That way you can get the best Wichita Zoo season pass possible. 

Basic Pass – The basic season pass to Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a great option for families who want to enjoy the park all season without breaking the bank. At just $24.99, the pass costs less than a single day’s admission, making it a no-brainer for families who plan to visit multiple times or even just once. 

While this wildlife season pass doesn’t include animal feedings, it’s still a fantastic value for larger families who need to purchase multiple passes. To get the most out of your basic pass,visit the park at least once, then use your 10% discount on birthdays, camps, food and drinks, and the gift shop. Even if you just visit the splash park one time this summer, this pass is beyond worth the value!

wichita zoo season pass
Included in your Basic Season Pass is goat feeding and kangaroo walk-about

Silver Pass – In addition to unlimited visits all season and Tanganyika Falls Splash Park access, the silver pass includes five feedings for the pass holder each time you visit! This is the second most popular pass for kids. And with discounted admission for guests, you can even bring your friends and family along to share in the fun.

But that’s not all! The Silver Pass also offers a variety of additional benefits, including discounts on purchases made in the park and exclusive access to events throughout the season. This Wichita zoo season pass also gives you access to exclusive winter events and good weather days, PLUS Wild Wednesdays throughout the summer. 

If you or your kids love feeding the animals and plan to spend time this summer in the splash park, the Silver Pass is your best option. Just three visits throughout the season, and it pays for itself. 

Tanganyika season pass
Feeding lemurs, giraffe, lorikeets, hippo, rhino, and more is included in your Silver season pass

Gold Pass – This is our most popular pass for kids because it’s essentially a two-for-one pass! When your kiddo has the Gold Pass, they can bring one person with them every visit. It also includes all the perks of the Silver Pass: winter access, Wild Wednesdays, printed cards and more. 

Gold Pass holders can really cash in on the best parts of Tanganyika by using their $100 gift card to meet a sloth, hang out with a giraffe, or snack and Luna’s cafe. Every Monday, Gold Pass kids eat free, and all summer long, they get early entry. This $940 value is a no-brainer. We also ONLY offer 1500 of these passes each year, and they will sell out!    

Use your 00 gift card that comes with your Gold Season Pass to get up-close!

Mix-N-Match – The best part about this Wichita zoo season pass is that our passes are for individuals so each person needs to have their own season pass. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all or family option, we allow each person to choose which level is right for them.  

We helped a family new to the Wichita area customize a package perfect for their family of 4! They purchased four gold passes for the family so they could bring friends, attend Wild Wednesdays, and they got $400 in gift cards to use at the park!

Sheryl wanted her daughter to be able to feed animals on every visit but didn’t need all the bells and whistles of the Gold Pass. Plus, they wanted mom, dad, grandma, AND the babysitter to be able to bring her daughter to the park. So they purchased a Silver Pass for their daughter and a guest pass so anyone could accompany her. They got four free admission tickets with the Silver Pass, so they’ll be able to bring more guests four times.

In other words, mix and match the levels that best fit your family and how you would connect. Don’t know what you need? Just reach out, and we’re happy to help you find the best combo for you and your family!

spring break wichita ks
These parents have basic passes and the kids have silver passes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Tanganyika Season Pass today!

What Tanganyika Season Pass Offers You and Your Loved Ones

The wildlife season pass unlocks unlimited access to the park, allowing you to visit the animals as often as you like. It also includes discounted admission for guests, so you can share the magic of Tanganyika Wildlife Park with your friends and family. Plus, with the exclusive winter access and activities, the Tanganyika Falls splash park, and discounts on purchases in the park, you’ll never run out of things to do and see.

We’ve added some great new features in the last year. Here are 6 of them.

1) TIGERS are back! Grayson and Sienna are two playful tiger cubs you’ll love watching leap into their pool with a splash all season long. Grayson’s keepers tell us he loves playing hide and go seek. He hides, you turn your back, and he seeks!


2) Monthly Exclusives! Each month we roll out a new (or old favorite) animal experience exclusive for that month only! Our Season Pass holders LOVE these experiences, and you can use your gift cards for these. Will you shake hands with an otter? Give a tortoise a butt scratch? Train a Snow Leopard? Or something new we concoct in 2023?


3) Bird’s Nest! This new, SHADY bird walk-through is a great place to get up close to Scooter the Cockatoo, who you might hear whisper “I love you,” or to play ACDC for Domingo and have a dance party. Your Tanganyika Season Pass will let you come daily to hang with our bird friends. 


4) Rhino Feeding Adventure! Our Safari expansion is BIG, but the first phase is complete, the barn is up, and the white rhinos are here! Throughout 2022 we had awesome opportunities to get close to Pam, Angela, Meredith, Dwight, and Jan. 


5) Splash Park! Fully opened and was officially a blast. We’ve made several upgrades and enhancements, some too technical for us to list, but they will make your experience safe and fun! This season pass isn’t just for a zoo. 


6) MarJon! The arrival of this adorable baby rhino is sure to have you enthralled this season. You’ll watch him get the zoomies, spar with this mom, and grow up. We’ll be the only Wichita Zoo season pass with access to baby MarJon. 


FAQs About Tanganyika’s Wildlife Season Pass

What benefits does the Season Pass have?

  •  You will receive unlimited visits to Tanganyika during the season purchased. You’ll also have access to the Tanganyika Falls splash park during regular hours. Memorial Day through Labor Day. 
  •  Plus, we offer a variety of discounts for Season Pass Holders: 
  • 10% off Gift Shop
  • 10% off Food and Beverages 
  • 10% off Special Events like Twilight Tour and Pumpkins at the Park
  • 10% off Birthday Parties, Day Camps, and Summer Camps
  • $5 off Admission for guests that visit with you!
  • To receive your discounts, click on the chat box in the bottom right of this page and ask Leonard the Lemur for your code!


How do I purchase a Season Pass?

You can purchase season passes online, over the phone (316-794-8954), or come by Tanganyika to purchase them.


Do I need a pass for someone under 2, or over 90?

  • You do not need a pass for a child until they turn 3 years old, and guests over 90 will receive free entry to the Park. 
  • You can still have your child under two on your account and assign them a Baby Season Pass. 


How do I participate in the animal feedings if I am a Basic Season Pass holder?

To interact with the animals, you will have the option to purchase an Encounter Pass (5 feedings for $10) or Unlimited Encounters (unlimited feedings for the day, for $25) each time you visit. 


What winter access and activities are included in the Gold and Silver Passes?

Special Ambassador Animal Days, Enrichment Making Workshops, Park Access (weather permitting). Gold and Silver Season Pass Holders will be notified via text when weather permits the park to be open. Make sure to check before coming out!


For more on what makes Tanganyika one of the best zoos in Kansas check out this article and get your season passes today. 

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