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How to Experience the Zoo on a Budget | Tanganyika Wildlife Park

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable day out with the family, Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a great option. With discounts on zoo tickets and activities throughout the year, there are plenty of ways to make a trip to Wichita´s zoo fit into your budget. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on how to visit the park on a budget, as well as information on special deals and events that can help you save money. So whether you’re a Wichita local or just visiting for the day, be sure to check out our guide to affordable zoo experiences!

In this blog post, you will learn tips on how to get discounts and deals on your visit to the zoo:

  • Plan your visit in advance to get discounted tickets (weekdays that are cheaper than weekends)
  • Wild Wednesdays
  • Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the park or at the splash park
  • Learn all about zoo membership with unlimited admission, a buddy pass and free animal encounters
  • Go during off-peak hours to avoid crowds and have more space to roam around
  • Discounted activities for kids
  • City library passes

Plan your visit in advance to get discounted tickets

It’s rare to find discounted tickets for Tanganyika or zoo coupons floating around because we discount our tickets every Monday through Thursday! That’s right, week-day Single Day Pass tickets are $10 less than weekend tickets. That’s a 25% discount!

It’s super simple to cash in on your discount, no need for coupons or promo codes. Just follow these steps:
1) Click on:  twpark.com/buy-tickets
2) Select Single Day Pass
3) Choose any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
4) Select your tickets
5) Cash in on your 25% off savings

Wild Wednesdays

Tanganyika is the most interactive zoo in the Midwest and has the BEST splash park around. It’s so interactive that some might call it a water park! Every Wednesday during the summer, Tanganyika gets wild and we offer FREE tickets for kids – with a paying adult.

That’s right, for every paying adult bring one child for FREE!

Free admission to the Wichita zoo? Feed giraffe, feed lorikeets, touch a kangaroo, and play in the splash park from 4pm to 8pm every Wednesday night in the summer? Run don’t walk to cash in on this zoo discount.

Again, you don’t even need a zoo coupon or a promo code. You just need to click here and pick your date!

Picnic lunch

When you go to the movie theatre they frown upon you bringing in your own food, but not here! While we do have a canteen full of delicious sandwiches, soft pretzels, mini melts ice cream and more, we know feeding your family at the movies, zoo, or any attraction can be expensive. Fun things to do in Wichita don’t have to break the bank.

You’re welcome to bring in your own picnic lunch and enjoy it between feeding a hippo and splashing in the water park.

Become a zoo member

If you think you’ll be visiting Tanganyika more than three times this season, then a membership is the way to go! With our Gold Membership you can bring a guest each time for free, feed the animals as much as you want each visit, plus cash in on $150 gift card to use on our experiences. You can also say 10% on birthday parties, kid’s camps, and in park purchases. The value of this pass is over $700 and it gives your family something to do all summer long.

We have two other membership options and you can watch out for our annual sale. Visiting Tanganyika is a fun thing to do in Wichita with your family.

Check out all the value here!

Get more value for your visit

Weekdays, afternoons, and Wild Wednesdays are the quietest times at the park. If you want to make sure that you get to do all the feedings and skip the lines, these are the times to visit! It’s also the best time to chat with our feeding station attendants and keepers. They really are the best part of Tanganyika and have fabulous information for you!

Kansas has so many great zoos but what differentiates Tanganyika Wildlife Park is the interactions. You’ll have animal adventures to talk about for years.

Discounted activities for kids

Want to meet and animals and get out of the house without paying for Wichita Zoo admission? Then our Jungle Juniors Activity Hour and Cub Club Storytime are PERFECT for you and your kids.

Jungle Juniors is an hour-long mommy and me program for only $10/child and parents are FREE! We’ll meet an animal, do an activity, and read a story together. While admission in to the zoo isn’t included you’ll still get to hang out with an animal and be entertained by our educators.

Cub Club Storytime happens every week and is $5/child and FREE for parents. The shorter version of Jungle Juniors for those with more wiggles is still a blast. Read a book with one of our educators and then meet an animal. Sometimes the animals come to you and sometimes you go to them!

City library passes

Did you know your local library might have a Tanganyika Season Pass available for rent? All you need for Free zoo tickets is a library card!Here are some of the libraries that have this option: Derby Public Library, McConnell Air Force Base Library, Douglas Public Library, Augusta Public Library, Goddard Public Library

Stretch your dollar at Tanganyika

If you’re looking to have a great time at Tanganyika Wildlife Park and save some money while doing it, check out our tips. Planning your visit in advance can score you discounted tickets, bringing a picnic lunch is always a good idea, and checking out the zoo website for free events is a must. Plus, who wouldn’t love unlimited admission? Going during off-peak hours will help avoid crowds and nab you some space to roam around. And finally, don’t forget about those discounted activities for kids! No matter what day of the week it is, there’s always something fun happening at Tanganyika. So put on your explorer hat and get ready for an adventure!



LynnLee TWP
LynnLee TWP

About the Author: LynnLee is our Chief of Connections here at Tanganyika. That means she’s responsible for any time guests and animals interact, which at TWP is ALOT of connections. She believes that having up close interactions with animals is the only way to save the world. You’ve got to touch the heart to teach the mind.

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