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How a Zoo Can Make Your Kids Smarter

We all worry about the effects of video games and screen time on kids’ brain development. One solution is getting them out of the house, and there are few better ways than with a trip to the zoo. Visiting a zoo isn’t just fun and fresh air, though. It is also a great way to make your kids smarter.


#1 – Child Development


Children may have read about animals or seen them on board games, but real animals are different. Zoo animals move and interact with one another—and sometimes with the kids. They make noises and smell. Kids can even touch petting zoo animals. This new information provides a brain workout, and research shows that this increases IQ points and improves academic performance.


#2 – Vocabulary


Exposure to new things allows parents to increase a child’s vocabulary. Small babies absorb new words, even if they can’t repeat them. Zoo animals give talking-age children plenty to chatter about, reinforcing long-term language acquisition. Zoos are also full of signs, helping improve reading skills.


#3 – Curiosity


During an exciting zoo visit, kids ask countless questions. Since they are seeing new things, they are curious to learn more about them. Studies show that when kids are curious and ask questions, working memory improves, leading to smart kids.

#4 – Social Skills


Zoos are busy places where kids get to see animals and interact with other people, including children they don’t know. Socialization is important to child development and makes the transition to elementary school easier for young children.


If you are looking for a great day out that will make your kids smarter, Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Wichita, KS, is the place to visit. We’re located at 1000 S. Hawkins Ln. in Goddard, KS.


With over 40 exhibits featuring animals from all over the world, this zoo will stimulate your children in ways you can’t imagine! Be sure to check out our website and see our different ticket options here


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